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Kat Von D True Romance Palette in Sinner Review

**all items purchased by me

I've taken a break from the technology updates to my regular computer (I'm thinking it's just too old for new hardware).  At least I can say that the new wireless mouse won't be wasted as it works perfectly well with my Surface Pro...and I've been meaning to get one to use for it for a while.  I find it hard to edit pictures using a touch-screen so hopefully this will make it easier to format posts and edit pictures without having to rely on the desktop computer.  This means that I can work on a post anywhere as long as I have an internet connection!
Anyway, today I'm finally ready to put up my thoughts on the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Sinner.  I won't be addressing the included liner as I haven't used it yet.  I bought this back in December during my birthday trip to Sephora.
top row: Disco Dust (sheer, pale pearl baby pink), Linzy-Jane, Ace of Spades, Violator
bottom row: Holy Bible (light silver), Glock, Dorian Gray, Lucifer
My swatches are done on my very recently moisturized hand - I actually grabbed a jar of foot butter since they are so dry.  When I swatched on un-prepped skin it was a whole other story on what the shades look like (but my hand looked scary dry and the shadow caught in healing kitty scratches).  With this being the case, I definitely advise using a good primer, and for me I found that lightest shades needed the additional help of a white base.  When I use this on my eyes, I prime first (Wet 'n Wild, Lorac, Urban Decay) then use the Jordana 12 HR Made to Last eyeshadow pencil in Eternal White (not used in these swatches) to get them to show up true-to-pan.

On an unprepped lid, I found that Disco Dust, Linzy-Jane and Holy Bible (pink, lightest purple and silver) applied very patchy, sheerly, didn't stick well and would completely blend away.  As for the 2 shades that have micro glitter, the pretty sparkles pretty much disappeared when applied, which is a shame because those are the 2 shades that drew me most to the palette.  Moving on to my last disappointment, the 2 dark gray shades appear almost the same.  Without a primer and "sticky"/colored base, this palette just doesn't work for me.  Next time I use this palette, I might try a darker base for the 2 shades with the sparkles and see if by patting them on over a base I can get the sparkles to stick around longer (maybe pressing on with a liner brush over a gel liner?).  I just need extra time to be able to get a look that I'm happy with using this palette.  I also find I have to be careful to avoid over-blending these shadows into muddiness.

Speaking of UNPREPPED, here's a set of swatches on my un-moisturized hand (taken with flash):
I didn't build up as much on this set.  You can see how sheer/light Disco Dust is.  Linzy-Jane and Holy Bible don't look too bad, but they don't apply using a brush on the eye like this.  Glock and Dorian Gray look even more similar here and you can also see how "not black-black" Lucifer is.  And the pretty shimmers/sparkles of Ace of Spades and Violator? basically no where to be seen.
I do like the feel of the case, which is a weighty metal case with a little spring in the middle of the hinge The mirror is a nice size - the full size of the lid.  The colors make this a good smoky shadow-look palette that has the possibility of an added dash of purple to the look, but I don't think this is an entirely stand-alone palette.

Overall, I feel that the shade variety and quality is a bit lacking.  Some shades are too sheer for my preference, but the addition of a colored base helps those shades in both pigmentation as well as lasting power.  While well pigmented, other shades are too similar to each other, and the sparkles of yet a couple others essentially disappear upon application.  If Sephora wasn't so far away from where I live, I would have been tempted to return this (or maybe exchange it for the matte Ladybird palette).  For being a prestige/high-end brand, $36 is a decent price but for me it should work well without the addition of a colored base.  Sephora is the exclusive carrier of the Kat Von D line.

Have you used any Kat Von D makeup?  Any favorite product from the line?  There are a couple blushes (Bellisima and Wish) that looks nice, and I've heard good things about the Ladybird palette...

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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