Thursday, February 27, 2014

Innie Minnie Mightie Bow with some Wool Lite

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I can't seem to find the battery for my camera right now for the post I was intending on doing today (it was on the charger) so I thought I'd share another older nail combo.

I have no notes on what I did other than the polish names.  I'm assuming I used a ridge-filler under this since that was pretty much the only base coat I used up until sometime in November/December.  As for the color, this is OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow.  I really don't remember if this is one coat or 2, and if I used top coat or not - if I did it would have been Out the Door.
OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow is one of the colors from the limited edition 2013 Couture de Minnie collection.  On my swatch wheel I just have one coat, but I really don't remember if that one coat worked on my actual nail.  Anyway, it's a really pretty blue-based red with some glowing shimmer to it to keep it looking more interesting than a basic red creme.  Probably not the most original color, but I had to have it since it's part of the Minnie collection - I wanted them all - and I actually don't have many reds in my collection (whether from salon formula - OPI/China Glaza - or drugstore lines).
~You can see the glowing shimmer better in the bottom of the bottle of the label shot above and in the macro shot down below~

Then I applied either one thick coat or 2 more normal coats of Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Wool Lite.  I don't believe I used any top coat.
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Wool Lite came out in the summer of 2013 - I have the full collection swatched in this post.  In the bottle this looks like it's made up of super pale pink and white matte bar glitters in a clear base, but in real life I have yet to get the pink to actually show up as pink.  It looks like it's all just white, so I remember being a bit disappointed in that I couldn't see the 2 distinct colors...maybe over a different base like a black or dark gray.  I do like that these are all fairly short bar glitters rather than the long stringy ones so that made it easier to apply and get a more even coverage; I did use the brush to try to keep them from hanging off the ends of my nails though.  If you like this look, the Fuzzy Coat line is currently part of the core line.
 Even in the macro shot you can't tell that there's supposed to be 2 different colors of bars in it:
 ~~macro shot~~

Now time to go on a searching expedition for that pesky battery... wish me luck!

Do you like how bar glitters look on your nails?  Is it better if they are smaller/finer rather than the long stringy ones?

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