Thursday, February 13, 2014

Enchanted with Tail Me Something

**all items purchased by me

Happy early Valentine's Day!  I couldn't quite get my act together yesterday to get a post up, but I am sitting down earlier in the day than usual to work on today's.  I'm feeling pretty tired today for some odd reason so hopefully I'll be able to get in bed and actually fall asleep earlier than I normally do.  The Mister said I could take a drive up to Sephora tomorrow (yay!!) so I really should get in bed early so I won't be as rushed as I felt last time after the hour-long drive.  And I would like to stop at the Ulta that carries IT cosmetics, which is also north of where we live.

Anyway, I literally just had these 2 polishes on my nails and I'm actually getting it posted on time!  I'm unfortunately taking this combo off right now since it didn't wear super well on a couple of my nails - giant chips :-(

I started off with Orly Bonder then put on a coat of Sinful Colors Enchanted and followed it up with a coat of NYC Grand Central Station quick dry top coat.  But when I went to take pictures, it looked streaky and uneven so I added another coat of Enchanted before taking any pictures.  If you weren't going to take close-up pictures you might be able to get away with one coat, especially if you polish using thicker coats.
Sinful Colors Enchanted is a beautiful dark purple (my pictures are all a bit off - the above is a bit too blue and below is too light) creme polish.  It applied very nicely - I thought I was going to get away with just one coat but for pictures it needed a second.  I forget if Enchanted is/was a limited edition polish, but it probably wouldn't be super hard to find a dark purple creme polish from your favorite brand.
I used one of my new China Glaze textures - Tail Me Something.  It ended up being 2 coats for a chevron french tip followed up with a dot in the center of each point.  I used my largest dotting tool.  No topcoat since I used a textured polish.
China Glaze Tail Me Something (limited edition - Spring 2014 Sea Goddess collection) is a pretty slightly metallic lilac/lavender purple.  This didn't feel super textured like when you have a full nail of texture, but it did have some feel to it.  This felt more like a typical textured polish when I had it on my full nail but I was feeling a little inspired to play some.  Wear time, unfortunately, wasn't that good.  I had large chips on 3 of my fingers less than 24 hours after applying.  
~This picture is actually the closest to real life for the color of Enchanted~

I'm happy that I played around a bit with how I combined a couple of polishes.  I really should do it more.  My dotting tools are much neglected.  After I was done I thought of something I could have done to tweak my nails to make them look more Valentine-y but I just left it as is.

What's going to be on your nails tomorrow?  Does your significant other get you anything for the holiday? Or are you in charge of getting your own gift? 

**all items purchased by me
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