Friday, February 7, 2014

Any Review Requests?


Yesterday I got sent to bed early, real early, by the Mister since I had blood drawn to get my hormone levels evaluated to try to figure out what is actually causing my acne.  I was really not expecting 4 vials of blood to be filled.  Uck. So he sent me to bed with juice close by to recover from that ordeal.  At least for once I wasn't left with a bruise.

Anyway, normally on Fridays I've been doing a product review, but for this week nothing really gave me enough of an impression to review one way or the other.  This is especially true since over the last week or so, I haven't been out of the house much so I haven't been wearing makeup and I've just started trying some new skin care products (as in, I've only used each 3-4 times) and it hasn't been long enough to decide.

So I thought that rather than give a half-hearted attempt at a review, I thought I'd ask if there's anything that you've seen me purchase that you'd like to see a review on so I have something to focus on for the coming week.

A couple of things that I was thinking about was the Benefit Toning Lotion  (shared that purchase on Instagram), a LancĂ´me eye liner, my Pacifica eye shadow palette.  But I've purchased lots of other things over time that I've yet to review
Is there anything you'd like to see first?  Makeup, skin care, tools? 

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