Thursday, February 27, 2014

Innie Minnie Mightie Bow with some Wool Lite

**all items purchased by me

I can't seem to find the battery for my camera right now for the post I was intending on doing today (it was on the charger) so I thought I'd share another older nail combo.

I have no notes on what I did other than the polish names.  I'm assuming I used a ridge-filler under this since that was pretty much the only base coat I used up until sometime in November/December.  As for the color, this is OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow.  I really don't remember if this is one coat or 2, and if I used top coat or not - if I did it would have been Out the Door.
OPI Innie Minnie Mightie Bow is one of the colors from the limited edition 2013 Couture de Minnie collection.  On my swatch wheel I just have one coat, but I really don't remember if that one coat worked on my actual nail.  Anyway, it's a really pretty blue-based red with some glowing shimmer to it to keep it looking more interesting than a basic red creme.  Probably not the most original color, but I had to have it since it's part of the Minnie collection - I wanted them all - and I actually don't have many reds in my collection (whether from salon formula - OPI/China Glaza - or drugstore lines).
~You can see the glowing shimmer better in the bottom of the bottle of the label shot above and in the macro shot down below~

Then I applied either one thick coat or 2 more normal coats of Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Wool Lite.  I don't believe I used any top coat.
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat in Wool Lite came out in the summer of 2013 - I have the full collection swatched in this post.  In the bottle this looks like it's made up of super pale pink and white matte bar glitters in a clear base, but in real life I have yet to get the pink to actually show up as pink.  It looks like it's all just white, so I remember being a bit disappointed in that I couldn't see the 2 distinct colors...maybe over a different base like a black or dark gray.  I do like that these are all fairly short bar glitters rather than the long stringy ones so that made it easier to apply and get a more even coverage; I did use the brush to try to keep them from hanging off the ends of my nails though.  If you like this look, the Fuzzy Coat line is currently part of the core line.
 Even in the macro shot you can't tell that there's supposed to be 2 different colors of bars in it:
 ~~macro shot~~

Now time to go on a searching expedition for that pesky battery... wish me luck!

Do you like how bar glitters look on your nails?  Is it better if they are smaller/finer rather than the long stringy ones?

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Collective Walmart Haul!

**all items purchased by me

I thought today I'd share some of my more recent (and not so recent) Walmart purchases.  Believe it or not, but I've been trying to go to Walmart less often this year.  But there was a couple of days at the end of last year where I "had" to go and was there for a while waiting on the tires for one of our cars to be balanced.  Side note - don't go to Walmart's service centers for that - the skills there are questionable/not there when it comes to tires.  Being stuck waiting in Walmart is dangerous for the wallet - especially when it's after a holiday and there's lots of clearance items and new products are starting to hit the shelves.

I really don't remember what order I got these in so let's just dive right in!
EcoTools Skin Perfecting for BB/CC Creams with Bonus Brush (already shown on Instagram)
Collector's Brush Roll w/ Multi-Tasking Face Brush (I know I bought those 2 brush sets at different visits)
Flower Beauty Shadow Play quad in Smoke and Mirrors and Sinful Colors nail polish in Starry Night (bought these the same visit as the EcoTools brush roll) - I also bought some clearance "The Color Workshop" beauty sets & a perfume set, but no point in showing those since they are long gone from stores
Salon Perfect nail polish in Plumeria and Flower Beauty Shadow Play quad in Blue Lagoons (likely discontinued) - bought in same visit.  The light blue aqua color is sheer/patchy/chalky and definitely benefits from a white base underneath; as a whole the palette works to make a nice gradient over a base
 EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge and Soho London Beauty Sponge - bought both of these at the same time as well as the Salon Perfect Love Lashes Lacquer collection.  I believe I bought these pretty close to when I bought Stila's beauty sponge; I'm really coming around to liking these types of sponges for applying foundation/CC cream.  I still want to get my hands on the Real Techniques one.

I know that these next 2 items came home with me in February:
Early in February I bought this little Stamp It Nail Art Kit from Fing'rs - style #33064.  I really wish they would sell more of the plates without the stamper, polish and scraper...
(I also bought a pack of the Swisspers hypoallergenic cotton rounds)
I just recently (in the last couple of days) bought this Black Radiance eye shadow palette in Urban Jungle (same makers as Wet 'n Wild)

I was originally planning on including items I have found at Dollar Tree this month, but decided that I had enough for one post with just Walmart items.  This should pretty much get me caught up with what I purchased from Walmart, other than a couple of newly released core Maybelline items.  I've decided I'm going to do a collective haul of all the new Maybelline products that I've bought and do the same thing for Physicians' Formula.  Plus I have a rather large KMart haul that will be split into at least 2 (one a normal haul and the other a Spotted, Hauled & Swatched).  

Have you tried anything from the Flower Beauty line?  What's your favorite product?  If you have a Beauty Blender, or one of it's dupes/cousins, what's your favorite way to clean it?

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sinful Colors Smokin, dressed up

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I seem to have lost my motivation over the last couple of days, but there's no better way to beat that feeling than to sit down and write a post (even if it's short or takes forever to write since I keep jumping from thing to thing).  So I thought I'd do a nail post to try to get back in the swing of things.

These pictures are old enough (from 2012...oops) that I don't remember exactly what I did, but I probably used a ridge-filler for a base coat.  Then I followed that up with Sinful Colors Smokin.  I don't remember if this is one or 2 coats...we'll just say it was 2 to account for any uneven user application.  No traditional quick drying top coat.
I'm not sure if Smokin is a core color or still in the limited edition releases at this point.  Whichever category it falls under, it's a basic dark gray creme polish that has a slight touch of green to it.
Rather than use a traditional top coat to speed things up, I got out my bottle of Out the Door Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat in Silver (there is a gold one, too, that's harder to come by).
Northern Lights Hologram top coats need to be very well shaken before use in order to get all the pretty particles re-suspended.  The more you shake, the better the disbursement of the prettiness.

And apparently, I had a little extra fun at the end, but I'm not entirely sure of what glitter I put on my tips.  If I had to guess I would say I dabbed on Orly's Atomic Splash, but I didn't take any pictures with the bottle so I'm not 100% sure.  The other possibility is Essie Set in Stones but I think Set in Stones is a brighter silver than what my pictures are showing, which is why my first guess is the Orly glitter.  This is mostly a french tip with a little gradient mixed in.
I really need to get out that top coat again, and the gold version, and play with them more.  Such a pretty, but still kind of subtle effect.

How do you dress up basic creme finish polishes?

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Stash Sharing - China Glaze Sea Goddess

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Anybody else having a "tired" day?  Right now I'm trying to get used to a new medicine that has the annoying side effect of causing drowsiness so that's making it a bit harder to focus on getting things done.  I foresee a lot of extra tea (black and/or green) in my future to keep me more "un-drowsy" feeling.  I'm hoping that as time goes on I won't have the drowsy feeling as much.

Anyway, time for the final chapter of the China Glaze Sunday Stash Sharing least until more pretties catch my eye and follow me home from the store.  By the way, in the new (March/April) Nail It! magazine issue, I saw an upcoming glitter collection from China Glaze!  I think the collection is called "Surprise!" I can't wait to see more info on it!

The Sea Goddess collection (Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post here)
Shell We Dance?, Wish On A Starfish, Sand Dolla Make You Holla, Tail Me Something, Seahorsin' Around, Teal the Tide Turns
This is China Glaze's latest collection of textured polishes for 2014 - I'm not sure if this was meant as a Spring collection or not.  But whatever season it's for, it's already out at stores (or at least at Sally's Beauty Supply) and from what I've seen, selling out quickly.

Final China Glaze post wrap-up:

How do you keep yourself energized when you have medication(s) making you feel drowsy/sleepy?  Any requests for the next brand I start sharing out of my stash?  And of course, let me know if you'd like to see any of these on my nails soon!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Kat Von D True Romance Palette in Sinner Review

**all items purchased by me

I've taken a break from the technology updates to my regular computer (I'm thinking it's just too old for new hardware).  At least I can say that the new wireless mouse won't be wasted as it works perfectly well with my Surface Pro...and I've been meaning to get one to use for it for a while.  I find it hard to edit pictures using a touch-screen so hopefully this will make it easier to format posts and edit pictures without having to rely on the desktop computer.  This means that I can work on a post anywhere as long as I have an internet connection!
Anyway, today I'm finally ready to put up my thoughts on the Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Sinner.  I won't be addressing the included liner as I haven't used it yet.  I bought this back in December during my birthday trip to Sephora.
top row: Disco Dust (sheer, pale pearl baby pink), Linzy-Jane, Ace of Spades, Violator
bottom row: Holy Bible (light silver), Glock, Dorian Gray, Lucifer
My swatches are done on my very recently moisturized hand - I actually grabbed a jar of foot butter since they are so dry.  When I swatched on un-prepped skin it was a whole other story on what the shades look like (but my hand looked scary dry and the shadow caught in healing kitty scratches).  With this being the case, I definitely advise using a good primer, and for me I found that lightest shades needed the additional help of a white base.  When I use this on my eyes, I prime first (Wet 'n Wild, Lorac, Urban Decay) then use the Jordana 12 HR Made to Last eyeshadow pencil in Eternal White (not used in these swatches) to get them to show up true-to-pan.

On an unprepped lid, I found that Disco Dust, Linzy-Jane and Holy Bible (pink, lightest purple and silver) applied very patchy, sheerly, didn't stick well and would completely blend away.  As for the 2 shades that have micro glitter, the pretty sparkles pretty much disappeared when applied, which is a shame because those are the 2 shades that drew me most to the palette.  Moving on to my last disappointment, the 2 dark gray shades appear almost the same.  Without a primer and "sticky"/colored base, this palette just doesn't work for me.  Next time I use this palette, I might try a darker base for the 2 shades with the sparkles and see if by patting them on over a base I can get the sparkles to stick around longer (maybe pressing on with a liner brush over a gel liner?).  I just need extra time to be able to get a look that I'm happy with using this palette.  I also find I have to be careful to avoid over-blending these shadows into muddiness.

Speaking of UNPREPPED, here's a set of swatches on my un-moisturized hand (taken with flash):
I didn't build up as much on this set.  You can see how sheer/light Disco Dust is.  Linzy-Jane and Holy Bible don't look too bad, but they don't apply using a brush on the eye like this.  Glock and Dorian Gray look even more similar here and you can also see how "not black-black" Lucifer is.  And the pretty shimmers/sparkles of Ace of Spades and Violator? basically no where to be seen.
I do like the feel of the case, which is a weighty metal case with a little spring in the middle of the hinge The mirror is a nice size - the full size of the lid.  The colors make this a good smoky shadow-look palette that has the possibility of an added dash of purple to the look, but I don't think this is an entirely stand-alone palette.

Overall, I feel that the shade variety and quality is a bit lacking.  Some shades are too sheer for my preference, but the addition of a colored base helps those shades in both pigmentation as well as lasting power.  While well pigmented, other shades are too similar to each other, and the sparkles of yet a couple others essentially disappear upon application.  If Sephora wasn't so far away from where I live, I would have been tempted to return this (or maybe exchange it for the matte Ladybird palette).  For being a prestige/high-end brand, $36 is a decent price but for me it should work well without the addition of a colored base.  Sephora is the exclusive carrier of the Kat Von D line.

Have you used any Kat Von D makeup?  Any favorite product from the line?  There are a couple blushes (Bellisima and Wish) that looks nice, and I've heard good things about the Ladybird palette...

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zoya Mini Haul!

**all items purchased by me

First of all...yay! our kitchen is back in commission!!  I was quite impressed with how quickly the plumber arrived after calling today (as in, just about a half hour later).
Now that that drama is over, it's back to normal business.  I just realized yesterday that I never shared the polishes that I got during Zoya's January promo of where you just paid $12 shipping for 3 free polishes.  I took several days deciding what colors I wanted, just knowing that I really have been wanting to expand the amount of creme finish polishes I have.  I came up with the first 2 in a decent amount of time with the biggest struggle being the final color.  The first 2 shades I picked are also ones that I, in general, don't have a lot of in my collection from any brand.

So let's see what colors I ended up picking!
 Louise, Hunter and Malia
I don't have much in the way of browns or darker greens in my collection so I fixed that a bit.  After going through many, many swatches I finally settled on Malia for my 3rd color since it's a pretty shade right in between pink and purple.  All cremes, all swatched lovely on my wheel.  

This type of promo is definitely a good deal, especially since Zoya has upped the price of regular polishes to $9 (PixieDust $10).  Now I just can't wait to get my greedy hands on the "magical PixieDusts" and the special effect topper Monet.  There's always something. :-)  Now I'm off to blow dry my hair and do my nails since I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

What colors did you end up picking up, if you participated in the promo?  And of course, let me know if you'd like to see swatches of any of these!  

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chic From Ears To Tail with Sputter

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I thought today I would share a more recent nail combo that I had on before Valentine's Day.  I've really been trying to use more colors lately since it seemed like I was in a bit of a color-rut for the last month or so (when I've actually had polish on - I went for a little period with naked nails).  And probably for the next week or 2 on nail posts you'll be seeing older looks since my pinkie nail on my picture hand decided it just had to break way back to a nubbin so all my nails got shortened today.  Luckily my nails normally grow pretty quickly.  And if you're curious, washing dishes in a tiny bathroom sink absolutely sucks!!  Luckily we have a half bathroom on the first floor so I didn't have to run up and down the steps.  While we no longer have an extra hole in the kitchen drain pipe, the drain is still completely blocked.

Anyway...on to the nails!  Over my new usual base coat of Orly Bonder, I put 3 coats of OPI Chic From Ears To Tail from the 2013 Couture de Minnie collection.  I used Out the Door for my top coat.
OPI Chic From Ears to Tail is a pretty bubblegum pink with a teeny tiny amount of pearly shimmer to it that pretty much hides all the time - so it's basically a creme.  3 coats made it nice, opaque and even.  By the way, don't mind the red around my cuticles on my ring and pinkie fingers; I had some leftover red on my cleanup brush that decided it wanted to torment me.  While it's not a super unique color, I just had to have it since I love my Minnie Mouse so much.  I have the full collections from both 2012 and 2013.  I wonder if this year there will be a new one?...
Then since I had my L.A. girls Splatter collection sitting on my desk, I decided to play with the purple version rather than the pink or red.  So I added one coat of L.A. Girl Splatter in Sputter.  I didn't put any top coat over this layer.
L.A. Girl Splatter in Sputter - so fun to say :-)  is a matte white and satin royal purple glitter in a clear base.  Both glitters are in 2 different sized hexes.  For swatches of all the I bought from the collection, click here.  Application was pretty good, just a little pushing around to get a nice even coverage.  If you want this one and spot it at Rite Aid, don't hesitate to get it since this collection is selling fast!
And one more final look since I loved the combo of pink, purple and white so much!

Thanks to the crazy kitten, Tomo, who's like a little tornado running around jumping/vaulting on things, on Sunday I reorganized my makeup...again...trying to get more things inside of drawers.  As a result of that I'm seriously tempted to get rid of a lot of my Maybelline quads (not the Eye Studio ones, though) since I never reach for them and the pigmentation isn't as good as Maybelline's Eye Studio, Wet 'n Wild, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Lorac, The Balm...  We'll see.  There's been several times when I thought that but never followed through.  There's also a few lip products I'm thinking about kicking out as well (L'Oreal, which I can't stand the scent, some 2-step long wear lip products that don't wear well).  I really should just bite the bullet and kick all that stuff out so I get closer to having just the makeup that I really enjoy using.  I always end up getting stuck on "but I bought it so I should keep it" - I really need to get over that.

What's your favorite color combination of polishes to wear?  How do you decide what to keep or get rid of in your makeup stash?

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Collective January Ulta Haul!

**all items purchased by me

I started working on this post, then we had a plumbing emergency in the kitchen - a.k.a. a hole in the pipe while both sides of the sink basin had standing water - so I had to take time out to go clean up water from inside the cabinet and the floor.  It seems like every plumbing issue that could happen with the kitchen has happened this winter.  Uck.  And I really need to wash dishes, of course, so I might have to try to wash the smaller ones in the bathroom sink. :-p

There's lot of pictures so give it a little time to load.

Anyway.... I thought today I would share my January Ulta purchases.  I was there almost every week during January.  Oops.  I've got new-to-the-market products, new-to-me items, and clearance items.  Let's get started with show and tell going back to the very beginning of January.  This purchase was a little over $16 total.
Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush (close-up of the same brush on the right)
OPI nail polish in When Monkeys Fly ($4.99 clearance), L'Oreal Infallible in Gilded Envy
I swatched When Monkeys Fly on a nail wheel and the gold glitters didn't look too curled (which was a common problem when this first hit the shelves)
The Infallible is one of those shades that looks different depending on the light

Now let's fast-forward a couple weeks and see my next purchase - I used a 20% off entire purchase (most of the prestige/high-end brands were not excluded).  I got both of these for about $52 (the Too Faced is normally $49 and the Stila sponge is $12).
 Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and Stila Double-Ended Blending Sponge
I've only felt the original Beauty Blender being used on me one time (never purchased, though) so I'm hoping that this one is similar.
~unless requested, I probably won't swatch this palette as many other blogs/videos have excellent swatches of it~

I returned the next week because I just couldn't get another Too Faced palette out of my mind...and I had the email version of the coupon from when I bought the full size Chocolate Bar palette.  I ended up paying just over $21, with tax (normally $25).
Too Faced Candy Bar mini palette with iPhone case - this one is limited edition!!
(the case means nothing to me as we aren't an Apple household)
~this is in my "too swatch" pile, which I really need to do soon~

And finally, the last day of January's visit.  I had gone in because I ran completely out of my moisturizer and when I tried using the one I had used during the earlier part of the summer, I hated(!) it so I truly did need to go.  Of course I found some other good things.  Looking at my receipt, my items are all showing 20% off so I must have had yet another coupon, also not restricting prestige brands.  For everything, it was a few cents over $57 - it would have been over $71 if not for that precious coupon.
Essence High Precision Gel Eyeliner in 01 Midnight In Paris 
Mario Badescu Skin Care Buffering Lotion and Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30
Zoya polishes in Elisa, Roxy, Flynn, Portia - all $4.99 each
Looking at all of my new Zoya's, it's definitely worth while hunting down all the hiding places of Ulta's clearance items which seem to be in different locations every week.  Good way to extend an outing, I suppose.  Of course, I'm still looking for the answer to my never-ending acne issue.  I'll be headed back to the doctor later this week to find out the results of my hormone test and if it's truly the cause.  

Have you scored any good clearance items lately?  What products do you use if you're dealing with persistent acne?

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Stash Sharing - Salon Perfect Love Lashes Lacquer and Others

**all items purchased by me

Time for the weekly installment of Stash Sharing!  This week is the remainder of my Salon Perfect collection.  Salon Perfect is only available at Walmart and retails for less than $4 a bottle.  Unfortunately, I have noticed that when they put out a limited edition collection, it is truly "limited" in that it doesn't go to all Walmart locations.  I think I've figured out which location I need to go to in my particular area to score any l.e. polishes.  Salon Perfect is under the China Glaze empire, so there's potential dupes between the brands, but Salon Perfect also does it's own thing as well.  As always, if there's a post with any of these on my nails, I've provided a link.

So let's get started with my most recent polishes and then work backward.  This first group just recently had their appearance on the blog with their very own dedicated post - the Love Lashes and Lacquer collection.
Touchy Feely, Hearts A Flutter, Loves Me Loves Me Not 
~swatches of all 3 on both the wheel and my nails at the link above the picture~
~Touchy Feely is black and white while Loves Me Loves Me Not is black and pale pink~

Next I have one lonely, lovely holo glitter from the core line-up:

And finally, I have a few miscellaneous polishes from past limited edition releases.
Fire & Ice, Raisin the Roof, Star Light Star Bright
Fire & Ice is primarily red glitter with slightly larger silver glitter thrown in, not gold
Star Light, Star Bright is a couple different shades of blue glitter, plus silver - all in the same size

~Fire & Ice - bought in early 2013, but can't find any info on it online
~Raisin the Roof is from the First Look Fall Polish Forecast collection (11 shades + matte top coat) - 2013 
~Star Light, Star Bright is from the (dupe of China Glaze Dorothy Who?, possibly permanent but I found mine in a separate shelf display) 

Do you have any favorite Salon Perfect polishes?  Let me know if you'd like to see any of these on my nails soon!

**all items purchased by me
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...most, & Swatched - L.A. Girl Splatter Collection

**all items purchased by me

The L.A. Girl Splatter collection has finally made it's way to the top of my posting list.  Yay!  This collection is a hot seller currently at Rite Aid.  I had actually found 2 of the colors from the collection randomly at a craft store last year, then last month came across the full display.  Over time, I've ended up with 6 of the 8 polishes from the collection.  These are all white glitter with a color.

Let's get started with the display, shall we?
 And these 2 are the ones I did not get:
Sparkle (gold and white) and Spotted (black and white)

~looking at my pictures, I still might snatch up Sparkle if I come across it again
~I already have at least 2 black and white glitters that have similarly sized glitters (as well as some with larger) so I figured that I didn't need that one

On to the ones I did get, starting with the oldest ones first:
Spatter - bright baby blue with some slightly holo blue pieces - (image from my Instagram account), purchased in late October
Splat - orange - (image from my Instagram account), purchased in mid-December
(also shown, China Glaze Marry A Millionaire)

Now for ones I purchased from Rite Aid, which I bought in 2 separate pairs:
Sprinkle (pink) and Sputter (purple); Speckle (metallic red) and Splash (aqua)

Label and bottle shots:
 Splat, Spatter, Splash
Speckle, Sprinkle, Sputter

And swatches - just on the wheel today:
Splat, Spatter, Splash, Speckle, Sprinkle, Sputter
Speckle is one coat, the rest are 2

I've only managed to get one of these on my nails so far and I really enjoyed how it looked.  I can't wait to play with these more.  Speckle is a little different in that the red glitter is shiny metallic while the rest of the colors look to be either matte or satin finish.  The white glitters are all matte.  One of the best things about this brand is the price - $2.99, sometimes on sale for 2 for $5 (or maybe that 2 for $5 is just for the core colors installed on the wall).

Do any of these look like they are dupes to other brands' take on this trend in glitters?  Are you planning on picking up any of the L.A. Girl Splatter glitter polishes?  What would you wear under the various glitter colors?

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