Monday, January 6, 2014

Zoya Swatch Wheels - 40 Colors of Pretty!

**all items purchased by me

Since on January 7th through the 13th there's a new Zoya promotion - just pay $12 shipping for 3 free bottles (which works out to $4 a bottle) - I thought it would be a good idea to post pictures of my 3 swatch wheels that have all of my polishes from them.  I have quite a few finishes from them, with the most in the PixieDust formula.  However, I am lacking in cream formulas from Zoya so I think I would like to get my hands on some of them, although my inner glitter-magnet keeps attracting me to sparkly shades (like Nova). Beside the names of each polish, I put the color finish Zoya has classified them as.

~I am still getting the hang of using my light box, so some colors are a bit off so I noted which ones~

  1. Indigo - Metallic
  2. Vegas Freeze - (discontinued)
  3. South Beach - (discontinued)
  4. FeiFei - Foil
  5. Phoebe - Matte - (discontinued)
  6. Mitzi - Matte
  7. Blaze - Holographic
  8. Aurora - Holographic
  9. Storm - Holographic
  10. Neeka - Metallic (photographed darker)
  11. Yara - Metallic (photographed darker)
  12. Zuza - Foil
  13. Vespa - PixieDust
  14. Dahlia - PixieDust
  15. Godiva - PixieDust
  16. Nyx - PixieDust
  17. London - PixieDust
  18. Chyna - PixieDust

~Neeka and Yara again - more accurate~
  1. Stevie - PixieDust
  2. Miranda - PixieDust
  3. Liberty - PixieDust
  4. Sunshine - PixieDust
  5. Chita - PixieDust
  6. Arabella - PixieDust
  7. Carter - PixieDust
  8. Dream - Holographic
  9. Payton - Holographic
  10. Mosheen - Special Effect
  11. Dovima - Matte Velvet
  12. Veruschka - Matte Velvet
  13. Posh - Matte Velvet
  14. Savita - Matte Velvet
  15. Katherine - Jelly
  16. Paloma - Jelly
  17. Frida - Jelly
  18. Micky - Cream (photographed darker - bottle shot down below looks more accurate)

I'm just starting this wheel:
  1. Bobbi - Metallic
  2. Rina - Special Effect
  3. Twila - Special Effect
  4. Kissy - Special Effect

If you'd like to see bottle shots, I have my Sunday Stash Sharing posts to view (I've purchased more Zoyas since doing them) and a couple of hauls.  Links to appropriate manis are also included in those posts.
~Fall PixieDust and Zenith polish haul with bottle shots and swatches~
~Matte Velvets and Jellies haul with bottle shots~
Micky, Bobbi, Rina, Twila, Kissy
~these 5 haven't been in their respective haul posts yet~

It's so hard making decisions without seeing them in person...must be why I rarely shop online (well, that and shipping fees).  So after much searching, what colors am I thinking about getting?
  • Louise is a gorgeous chocolate brown creme, which is a color I have very few of in my collection.
  • Kelly looks like it would be a gorgeous steel gray creme.  I have several grays in my collection, but they are all lighter.
  • ?? I haven't decided yet.  Hunter, Natty, or Sailor to keep in the creme finish.  Although the glittery/metallic Nova is pretty...
Hope this has helped if you're still trying to figure out what color(s) you want to purchase!  I know that I've been searching all kinds of swatches from various blogs.

Do you have your eye on any particular Zoya?  Do you prefer trying to get everything in store or do you not mind ordering online?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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