Thursday, January 9, 2014

Zoya Phoebe with some Mitzi

**all items purchased by me

I decided that while my nails were drying I would post another mani I had worn back during the summer, but never got the pictures posted for some reason.  Maybe part of that reason was that I was planning on doing an attempt at fun nail art on them but never got around to it...  But it makes sense to get these posted now since one of the polishes is still available on Zoya's site and there's that awesome promo happening through the 13th.

Anyway, I have Zoya Phoebe and Mitzi which are both Matte Velvet finishes.  I believe these came out in the 2011 Mod Mattes collection.  I actually purchased mine on clearance from the local supply store (that might have happened in 2012??).  I'm sure that I used a ridge filler underneath, but judging by the pictures I could have used a second coat (or a light buff before getting started).  Since these are a matte finish, there's no topcoat.
I feel like Mitzi is photographing a bit more yellow-toned than it looks in real life (I can't go grab my bottle right now since my polish is stored in the bedroom and the Mister is sleeping while I write this).  I believe these were a bit slow drying which means that they got dinged a tad before getting pictures taken.  Oops.  Polishes like these mattes (and various brands' textures) make me wonder if drying drops really work and/or effect the texture...
Mitzi is a matte neon lime green cream.  Application required care to avoid balding near the cuticle and thickness from any overlapping.  Extra dry time between coats is strongly advised.  I believe this was 2 coats (but it's been quite a while since I've taken these pictures).
Phoebe is a pretty medium neon matte blue, but up close it looked like there was a little something extra that kept it from being quite so flat looking.  This is most likely also 2 coats, but for some reason it looks thick on the nails.  So it was either a thicker second coat, or it was 3 thin ones.  Application had the same issue as Mitzi so wait extra time between coats if you manage to stumble across this somewhere.

Mitzi is still available on Zoya's website, but Phoebe is long gone.  Of the two I'd say that I do prefer Phoebe  since it just seems more of a wearable and flattering (for me) color but Mitzi has it's place/purpose.  I think when I originally bought it I was thinking it would be perfect for Halloween (and that was as far as that thought got).

Do you care for matte finish polish?  Or do you just add topcoat (2 looks for 1 polish!!)?  How about bright/neon colors?  Do you know if drying drops actually work? or if they effect a matte/textured finish?

**all items purchased by me
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