Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zoya Dovima with some Maybelline Beaming Blue

**all items purchased by me

I wanted to get the last of what Zoya's I have worn from my collection posted before the promo ends tomorrow (January 13).  I'll have my regular Sunday Stash Sharing up later.  As far as this look goes, it's already appeared as part of a final look post last month - but I wanted to re-do it for it's own dedicated blog post so you can see the Zoya by itself as well.

Now, since this is a matte polish I did a little extra prep work.  I started off with a coat of Orly Bonder then followed that up with a coat of Bridge the Ridge.  Gotta hide those bumps/grooves/peelie spots on the nails.  Then I did 2 coats of Zoya Dovima.
~ different positions in the lightbox~
Zoya Dovima is a Matte Velvet finish that applies very nicely.  Not too thick, but not too thin.  It is a bit slow drying though.  I had to be mindful to not ding my nails for quite a while (I think I was careful for about a half hour).  This is supposed to be black, but in certain lights it looked more charcoal gray (even with a touch of green sometimes).  During application I was careful to not overlap brush strokes so that it could dry as smooth as possible.  
Since when I originally came up this combo I was wearing a blue dress I wanted to add some blue, as well as sparkle.  So I pulled out Maybelline Brocade in Beaming Blue and did free-hand diagonal color blocking with it.  This is 1-2 thinner coats depending on how much polish was on the brush.  There's no topcoat since I wanted to keep Dovima matte.
Maybelline Beaming Blue is part of the limited edition Gilded in Gold Brocades collection that came out in the fall.  This is a super pretty glitter with pretty good coverage.  While it's primarily blue, it has slight purple and green duo-chrome tendencies in all the fine glitter it has, but it also has a good amount of regular size bright blue hex glitters.
Unfortunately, neither time this wore for long before starting to get chips.  Oddly enough, both times it was on the same finger that the chips started.  Bummer.  The Brocade line doesn't seem to have a very good wear time before chips set in, although actual removal is extremely difficult and time consuming.  Since this had Dovima under it, removal was slightly better than when I wore a different color from the line by itself.

I bought Zoya Dovima from the local beauty supply shop and Maybelline Beaming Blue from Rite Aid. There might be some of the Brocade collection still floating around at drugstores.  When I checked the other day, Dovima was the only polish from the Matte Velvet collection still listed on Zoya's site (it's under "matte velvet" not just "matte").

Did you get any of the Maybelline Brocade collection?  Do you have problems with wear time as well?  Did you take advantage of the Zoya promo?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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