Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ulta Material Girl

**all items purchased by me

I realized earlier today that I haven't done any nail posts this week.  Of course, those 2 sick days didn't help.  Anyway... I thought that today I would share my first Ulta brand nail polish that I bought a few months back.
~the bottle with all its holographic goodness really caught my eye in the store and I had to have it~

So for today, I've got Ulta Material Girl.  This is 2 coats over Orly Bonder.  I ended up using 2 top coats - Out the Door and Gelous since this did dry bumpy and Out the Door didn't smooth it out (maybe a second coat would have?).  I'm not sure what was the cause of the bumpiness since the bumps looked like the base color.
 above - natural daylight through window; below - under my CFL lamp
Ulta Material Girl is a pretty dark raspberry pink-purple-magenta polish with scattered holographic small glitter particles sprinkled generously throughout.  It seems to have a slight jelly tendency since the holo particles aren't hidden by the base.  The formula applied fairly easily with the only issue being that it dried bumpy but not like a textured polish.  According to Ulta's website, this is a Glitter Finish (not what I typically think of as a typical glitter finish - I think of more chunky polishes).  It reminds me a bit of Zoya's holographic finish polishes (Storm, Aurora, Blaze, Payton, Dream) but it seems to have more of the particles to it than some of the Zoya colors.

Do you own any Ulta brand polishes?  What's your favorite?

**all items purchased by me
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