Monday, January 27, 2014

Spotted, Hauled...a few, & Swatched - Sinful Colors Crystal Crushes

**all items purchased by me

I can't believe how cold it is...again!  It's -1 while I'm typing this and it's still dropping for the night.  I so am not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary until it's hopefully back into the teens above zero.  Bring on the hot tea! and hot chocolate!  Might crack open a can of soup for tomorrow, too.  I wonder if I have the ingredients to make a pot of chili...that sounds good.

Anyway...I know this is super late, but you never know.  There might still be some of these lurking at Rite Aid, which is the only store I ever saw them at.  It's the Sinful Colors Crystal collection, which is that brand's answer to the textured trend.  I only ended up with 4 out of the collection - the ones that I felt were most unique, flattering and had the highest chance of getting worn by me.
~I did not get the yellow (1st color), the green (3rd color), the red (6th color) or the orange (8th color)~
I very rarely wear yellow, green isn't a color I wear often either (but looking back maybe I should have gotten it), and I already have reds/oranges from other brands

I ended up purchasing these in pairs:
 Blue Persuasion and Purple Gleam
 Treasure Chest and Got A Blush On You

Bottle and label shots:
Blue Persuasion and Purple Gleam
Treasure Chest and Got A Blush On You

 Blue Persuasion, Purple Gleam, Got A Blush On You, Treasure Chest
edit (1/28/14): I found my original notes!  These are just one coat!!
  • Blue Persuasion is a medium blue with magenta pink fine shimmer
  • Purple Gleam is a lavender purple with pink and a touch of blue fine shimmer
  • Got A Blush On You is a raspberry pink with blue and pink fine shimmer
  • Treasure Chest is a mint-turquoise with gold fine shimmer
I lost my original notes but I recently put these on a second wheel of all textures so I'm going with that application fairly fresh in my head.  These were well pigmented.  The second coats weren't really necessary for opacity; I just did it to try to get more of the textured feel.  It did darken them slightly though.

I'm finding that in this cold weather, I'm not reaching for textured polishes at all since anything dry or sandy/chapped feeling is driving me crazy.  But once Spring eventually comes around I'm sure that I'll be reaching for my textures again.  I do think that if I happen to stumble across the darker green one I'll add it to my collection.  These did retail for higher (I believe) $2.99 rather than the normal $1.99, which is probably why I didn't snatch up more when I first came across them.  I do have to say that I love how the shimmers are all contrasting colors to the main color of each polish, which is something that didn't seem to be very popular when textures first started hitting the scene last year.

Did you pick up any of these Sinful Colors textures?  Are you over the textured trend?  Let me know if you'd like to see any of these on my nails soon! or compared to other brands' colors!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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