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Project "Finish This Stuff," part 27 - December 2013

**all items purchased by me/received as requested samples

Where did December go?!?!  For that matter, where did 2013 go?!?!

Today I've got what all I finished during December, as well as some things that I decided to put in the "trashed but not finished" category.  As always, I've included reviews.  Since it's the final update of Project "Finish This Stuff" for the 2013 year, I've also got the final counts of products I've finished as well as things that are "trashed but not finished."  It's a pretty nice grand total.  I've also included some mini goals for myself (buying habits and blog goals).

I've got products for the body, hands, teeth and hair:
Dial Yogurt Aloe Vera Nourishing Body Wash - purchased from Walmart.  I really enjoyed this body wash.  I felt good and clean, but not dried out at all.  If I didn't have time to put lotion on after my shower, my skin wasn't uncomfortably dry (perfect for when in a rush)...but the real winter temperatures are now setting in so I would probably need to put lotion on after each time now.  I also liked that the scent was super light, which is something that I definitely go for right now.  Will probably repurchase (after getting through more of my stash of other body washes).
Dial White Tea & Vitamin E Antibacterial Hand Soap with Moisturizer - purchased from Walmart.  I do like this.  It's slightly moisturizing but still lathers decently.  However, the triclosan is a bit of an "iffy" ingredient (possibly alters hormone regulation and/or contributes to antiboitic-resistant bacteria - FDA consumer update article).  I'll probably keep repurchasing this since the price-point is good and the scent is light, unless I come across a soap that does not contain the triclosan but still is antibacterial (if that even exists).
Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White - purchased from Walmart in a twin pack.  While I never really notice any whitening effect, I do like the flavor and how well it cleans my teeth.  The whitening ingredients haven't caused any sensitivity.  I wonder if there would be more of an effect if I used a coordinating rinse.  Will continue purchasing - especially if I come across the Enamel Renewal in a bonus pack.
Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave In Smoothing Cream - purchased from Walmart.  I do like this product, as long as I don't accidentally squirt out too much product.  For my length of hair (assymetrical short bob) a nickel-sized blob is about right.  It does help my hair to feel more moisturized and help with the fly-aways, especially around my part.  As long as I don't use too much and use my blow dryer, my hair feels soft and moves well; air-drying/using too much led to a bit of a crunchy texture.  Most likely I will eventually repurchase (but I do currently have an unopened backup) unless I come across something that catches my eye and I end up liking more.

Skin care items:
Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover - deluxe sample size that came in a kit I purchased.  This is supposedly the local counter's "best seller" and people that normally use other brands come and get this one since it takes off "all the eye makeup."  Sorry.  Not impressed.  I used this pretty much exclusively on my eyes (I don't recall using it on my lips), and I struggled to get all of my new favorite Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara off - and I do not use waterproof either.  I would literally have to hold the cotton pad over my eye for 30 seconds or more to try to dissolve my mascara and I would still have some of it on.  I would have to pinch my lashes between the soaked pad and gently pull to get it off, which is not good on lashes.  If I used a different mascara (I also have a sample Elizabeth Arden mascara open) it would take it off much more easily.  I can say that I had no irritation when I was removing liner from my waterline.  Won't purchase (but I'll use it if I happen purchase another kit it comes in).
Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate - 3 sample sachets and a sample bottle from a kit I purchased (the woman working gave me the sachets at the same time).  I started with the sachet packs and decided I really enjoyed the way my skin soaked it in quickly and felt after each application.  I ended up purchasing a full size bottle (but the small size) before opening the sample bottle, but I did it in that order because Dillards had a VIP event where everything was 10% off.  Definitely looking forward to seeing how my skin continues to respond to this as I use the full size.  I feel like even after just a little over a month I'm seeing some difference (although the Mister thinks my skin is as ugly looking as always and that I'm in denial and seeing results that aren't there).  As of right now, will repurchase full size.

Now for the "Trashed but not Finished" items.  These are things that are either really old, dried out or past the expiration date.  Since it's the end of the year, I figured I might as well do a little bit of a stash cleaning and get rid of things that I didn't like and were just taking up space.
Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer in 181A Beige - purchased from Rite Aid (I'm thinking it's at least 2 years old now).  This is something that I should have returned soon after purchasing since the color is too dark for my skin tone - and I believe it oxidized darker/oranger as I wore it.  I think I also looked pretty shiny on the rare occasion I did use this.  I don't remember touching this at all this year so it was time for it to go.  Won't repurchase.
Equate Ultra Protection Sunscreen Continuous Spray SPF 50 - purchased from Walmart.  Since I wasn't outside nearly as much as I thought I would be over the summer, these are both past the expiration date now so there's no sense in keeping them around, especially since I won't need spray-on sunscreen until it really warms up again.  I do prefer spray-on formulas since the Mister is normally not around when I need sunscreen applied to my back and other hard to reach areas.  I do have one more can from a different brand that still has several months left before expiring.  This has a very beachy scent - I would prefer something that had a better smell, but I'll take what I can get.  Will probably repurchase, but only 1 can at a time as needed.
Femme Couture Smokin' Eyes Shadow Stick in White #827501 (no indication on packaging or display whether matte or not) - purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply quite a while ago (I believe at least a year).  I never used this much, as the color is sheer and very sparkly.  I was hoping for a matte white and this wasn't it.  Since purchasing, the pencil has dried out - when I went to sharpen it the other day it kept breaking off and pulling out of the black part in inch-long pieces.  Won't repurchase (or probably purchase anything else from that brand).

Now let's see how many products have been included in the past year's worth of updates:
Full Size/Deluxe Trial Sizes: 95
Foil Packets/Tiny Samples: 69
Trashed But Not Finished: 20
Miscellaneous: old blow dryer, 1 used makeup brush, 5 polish clean-up brushes and 1 Clarisonic head

For not getting through as many items as I would have liked in both November and December, I still managed to have a very nice total for the over all year.  I actually ended up adding up everything multiple times since I just could not believe how many items - especially full size/deluxe trial size items - I had finished.  I was close to finishing a few more items in December, but as usual, there's still 1-2 more uses in the bottles.  I also need to jump back on the mini-challenge of finishing travel size lotions and then move on to the full-sizes.

In this new year, I would like to be more conscious of reading multiple reviews before purchasing items as well as getting things returned within the proper time frame for things that just really do not work out for me.  I would also like to refrain from as many impulse purchases and buying multiples of the same product (like the sunscreen that expired before using up).  I have a massive collection of skincare, hair care, makeup and polish that I need to use.  I need to challenge myself to use more of my "untrieds" in both polish and makeup (ideally soon after purchasing).  I also really need to make an effort to clean the house more and reorganize what needs to be, and of course...Get More Active!  As for the blog, I really want to push myself to do more individual/detailed reviews in addition to the Project "Finish" mini reviews, and I would also like to start doing makeup of the day posts (or at least eyes) on days that I do wear makeup.  I'm also thinking about doing either weekly or monthly wrap-up posts.

Did you have a good year for finishing things/cleaning out your stashes?  Have any beauty goals for the new year?  Let me know of any thing you'd like to see on the blog - new ideas/concepts, more polish, more challenges, wrap-up posts, etc...

**all items purchased by me/received as requested samples
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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