Thursday, January 23, 2014

December Collective Ulta Haul!

**all items purchased by me

I have to say that this past week just has not gone how I thought it would.  I feel like I've had no time to sit down and get anything done.  Maybe I should really consider trying to change my sleep schedule to give me more time to get things done while the Mister is at work... And of course, I seem to be suffering from a bit of "bloggers' block" - I'll blame that on a few more sick days and the dreadful productivity-sapping cold that seems to insist on keep returning to Ohio.

So what better to do when trying to get passed all the yuckiness of outside than to share some pretties that I bought during December from Ulta.  I took advantage of Ulta's kits, one day specials and clearance.  I'm also going to include one thing that I bought from Target as well since I bought it on the same day as one of my Ulta purchases (the stores are in the same plaza so that's quite convenient for me and dangerous for my wallet).  Prepare for lots of pictures (if/when I get to swatches, those will be in their own posts).  I'm not sure what items are still available since several items were holiday items and the majority of the rest was clearance.

First visit, the day before my birthday (pre-birthday present?):
DermaBlend Hello Perfection Camouflage Intro Kit in Fair - $24
Zoya mini trio set - Rina, Twila, Kissy (click here for better bottle shots/swatches) - $5.99
Ulta nail polishes in Chocolate Kiss and Taupe On A Rope - $2.99 clearance each
DermaBlend kit came with a deluxe sample of Smooth Indulgence Foundation (Natural Beige for the Fair kit), foundation brush, 0.25 oz. jar of setting powder and 1 fl. oz. sample of Long Wear Makeup Remover
~for best results/coverage, this foundation needs to be layered, letting it dry completely between layers, then set with the powder~
Chocolate Kiss and Taupe On A Rope

A couple of days after my birthday (saw this used on a YouTube video and fell in love):
Smashbox Wonder Vision Eye Set in Sparks - limited edition
comes with Sparks eye shadow palette, Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx, Full Exposure Mascara in Jet Black
~I paid $32, but if you can find it at Ulta it might be on sale~

A few days before Christmas:
Too Faced Jingle all the Way palette (I paid $19 - I believe it was originally $25) - limited edition
Urban Decay Shattered Face Case (one day sale for $22 - I believe it was originally $44) - limited edition
Shattered Face Case comes with a Super-Saturated Lip color in Lovechild 
and a 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero

Now for the day after Christmas (yes, I was out in that madness).  These were all on clearance:
 Orly Lavish Bash and Fight On; Zoya Bobbi and Micky
 Lavish Bash was $3.99 (from the Secret Society collection)
Fight On (FX - Pretty in Pink collection), Bobbi (Summer 2013 Irresistible collection) and Micky (Summer 2013 Stunning collection) were all $4.99
~if I'd been thinking ahead, I would have printed off one of their monthly coupons for more savings.  oops~

And now for my one Target purchase.  I forget if I got this before or after Christmas, but it was after I saw the other version of it in a YouTube video.  I thought these colors would be ones that would be more flattering on me once I saw it in store.
Pacifica Natural Minerals Mystical Supernatural Eye Shadow Palette (coconut infused mineral eye shadows) - I think it was around $10, but I lost my receipt
 ~the darkest color photographed darker than what it really is (maybe I'll do a follow-up post with swatches, but I haven't worn it yet since I've been playing with other new palettes)~

I bought quite a variety of makeup and polishes during December.  I don't know if it's better or worse that I bought everything during separate trips...maybe I go into Ulta a little too often.  Oh, well.  It's fun and the employees are generally all really nice/helpful.  Just wish you could get samples of things to try before you buy.  I've really been loving Too Faced eye shadows lately and when I swatched Jingle All the Way palette I loved the colors.  When Urban Decay put out the Face Case I really liked it but didn't want to pay that much for a smaller palette, but for half price...sold!  The DermaBlend is supposed to be a decent brand for sensitive/acne-prone skin, so might as well try multiple products for one price.  I'd had my eye on the Orly Fight On but didn't want to pay full price the first couple of times I eyed it up.

Maybe one of these months I'll really try to do a no-buy for both makeup and polish.  At least I've really cut back on buying accessories and clothes (other than when I truly need something for an occasion)...but I still need to find a new pair of black dress shoes since my old ones are in the get rid of pile.

See anything you like?  Have you tried Pacifica makeup before?  Let me know if you'd like to see swatches of anything specific!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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