Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cinna-Man Of My Dreams

**all items purchased by me

I thought today I'd share a polish actually on my nails, rather than the nail wheel.  I believe I wore this around Thanksgiving time (yeah, that long ago) but didn't get pictures of it before the toll of housework showed.  Recently I put it back on just so I could get it posted.  I believe this was also the first polish I was playing around with trying to get decent pictures of in my lightbox...still working on that for mani pictures.

So, this is 2 coats of Nicole by OPI Cinna-Man Of My Dreams.  I don't believe I used base coat.  Dry time was a little slow since there's no quick dry top coat used.
 ~upper picture is in my lightbox; lower is under my normal CFL lamp 
(I took these at night so no natural light available)~
Cinna-Man Of My Dreams is a gorgeous warm, slightly red, brown with pretty shimmers running through.  The base color reminds me more of the color of the cinnamon sticks we use that came from the Indian market (in comparison to the ones available at regular stores).  In my Sunday Stash Sharing post I described it as having reddish/copper shimmer, but there's also some blue to make it even more interesting.  Of course, in my pictures the shimmers aren't really showing up in their true colors.  I sure hope that the sun comes back some day...darn winter.
 This applied easily with little clean up needed, even when polishing quickly.
~the shimmers show up better in my thumb's picture so I left it all by itself~

This is one of the most unique colors of textured polishes that have come out (especially when it first came out in the summer of last year).  This collection is currently available in the core line-up of Nicole by OPI polishes at CVS.  I'm not sure about other stores - I haven't paid that much attention since I have all the ones that I want.  When I first bought this collection, it was from Walmart.

Do you like colors like this?  Do you keep colors like this more for the Fall season, or just wear them whenever it pleases you?

**all items purchased by me
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