Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are These What My Skin Needs??

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I'm having a serious case of writers'/bloggers' block today.  So I thought maybe I'd do a little sharing of what has caught my eye recently as I've read various blogs and surfed Sephora's website.

The main thing, especially for right now, is the new Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment.  Why am I looking at this?  Because my skin is so...ticked off...right now.  I normally have combo-oily skin that is also sensitive.  The last couple of days it has been dry-dry with a touch of normal where I'm normally oily.  It hurts.  The skin under my eyes is starting to peel, which is not helping the under eye circles.  My normal moisturizer stings.  I don't have a night time one I like.  And of course, on top of that, I have active acne spots - in the same under eye circle area (how does that even happen?!) as well as other areas.

And of course, I'm still trying to address the post-acne marks, so also on Sephora's site another products is catching my eye.  I believe this one is also new.  This is the Peter Thomas Roth 40% Triple Acid Peel.  It's pricey (very pricey - $88) but at this point, I'm willing to continue to invest in my skincare.  My skin was doing fairly well with this line of products until the dryness hit.  Who knows?  This might even help with the breakouts...

But I also need a new cleanser.  One that is gentle enough for the sensitivity and extreme dryness I have, but can also work for skin that is breakout prone.  I really wish I didn't have such difficult skin.  I have no idea what to try.  Every cleanser that I've tried that said it wouldn't strip skin has left my skin way too tight and dry feeling (yes, even Cetaphil and Neutrogena).  I also have to be weary of scented products as I tend to get eye irritation from fragrances. 

I'm stumped on what cleanser to try.  Every cleanser that I've tried has failed me, if not right away then over the course of time.  Got any suggestions?  Ulta is the easier store for me to go to, but I am willing to drive to Sephora if need be (maybe I should go again anyway and seek out some recommendations).

As far as figuring out what is going on with my constant breakouts - no skincare line nor prescription has given me truly clear (no active acne spots) skin.  After canceling my last dermatologist appointment I recently made an appointment with a different type of doctor to get my hormones checked to see if something internal is way out of wack and preventing me from getting the non-broken out skin that I should be getting from all the products I use.  If that doesn't get us (the Mister insisted) any answers, my next move might be to get tested for allergies/sensitivities that are showing themselves in my skin and/or try a different dermatologist.  

What type of cleanser do you use?  Have you used either of the other products that have caught my eye?  Any other suggestions for what might help to address the issues I've got?  Have you found the answer to acne-free skin?

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