Saturday, December 28, 2013

Zuza got Zapped

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It's my final letter in the ABC polish challenge!  Yay!  There will be a wrap-up post with links to all the manis coming soon (it's actually most of the way done already).  For my last day, I ended up revisiting a polish that I have worn before and then combined it with an untried.
As has been my custom, I started off with a base of Bridge the Ridge then did 2 coats of Zoya Zuza.  I believe I topped this off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
I seem to remember polishing slower/waiting longer between coats with this color as the first time I wore it I had issues with application.  It applied much better this time, but I might have added a couple drops of thinner since last time I wore it it seemed thick/fluffy.  Zuza's a pretty turquoise/teal that has some tonal shimmer when the sun catches it just right.
I wanted to end my challenge using 2 polishes, so I searched through my collection for another Z polish and came across Salon Perfect Zapped.  I applied a nice coat of it (maybe it was 2 thin ones?) on my ring fingers and thumbs.  No bottle shot next to my thumb nail with it on - I seem to have neglected getting those shots.
Zapped has some matte turquoise/teal glitters in it that are pretty much the same shade as Zuza which is what I think helped make the combination work.  Of course, it has much more of the matte yellow-lime glitters.  It's showing up a lot brighter on the nails than in the bottle shots, but different lighting conditions.  I think I actually took the above picture in the car (early for an appointment) and never got any taken at home.
I wasn't sure about the combination, but after trying it out on some scrap paper I decided just to go with it. It made for an interesting pop of color that I haven't worn before (or since, even though I do have the entire collection that Zapped came in).  I do like this combination, I just think it might have been a bit more ummm...seasonally appropriate...during the summer time rather than the middle of November.  Oh well.  I guess I was feeling bright that day.

Look for my wrap-up post very soon!  I'm happy that I managed to complete the challenge...although maybe wearing each mani until it chipped (typically 2-3 days) made it less of a challenge since I didn't do it as a new manicure every day.  If I do the ABC challenge again, maybe I should try to complete it quicker.

Do you reserve your neon colors for the summer?  Or do you wear them all year?  Have you attempted a challenge like this (or another one that helped you get through your untrieds)?

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