Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yodel Me On My Cell that Your Present Required

**all items purchased by me

I totally didn't mean to miss yesterday's post, but I got carried away with assembling most (3 of the 4) of the "melmer" drawer units I bought from Michaels on Thanksgiving/Black Friday and then really got carried away filling them up with polishes, rearranging polishes, then rearranging makeup over and over.  I've also really been trying to get things put away in preparation for the new kitten that the Mister decided he wanted.  Most of today was spent shopping - I needed a new pair of dress pants, which I found!, and getting new kitty toys and supplies.  No promises on tomorrow's post since we're supposed to be picking up the new furball tomorrow and we'll have to make introductions.  Who knows...maybe tomorrow's post will be the new kitten's debut??

I had to take a short typing intermission to play with Kitty; if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook then you've seen his pictures.  So now that he's tuckered out - that happened fairly quick, the lazy boy -  it's time to get back to my post.  I thought today I would post another letter in the ABC polish challenge (almost done!):
For my Y polish, I pulled out OPI's Yodel Me On My Cell and applied 2 coats over Bridge the Ridge.  I most likely used a coat of Out the Door to speed things up.  I'm pretty sure I've worn this before (might have been pre-blogging days?) but I wanted to wear it again.  I like it that much.
Yodel Me On My Cell tends to look a slightly different shade depending on the angle and the light source.  Some shots it looks more blue, while in others more of its green undertone came out to play.  Either way, it's a gorgeous shimmery teal blue.  I needed very little clean up since OPI's brush is so well behaved.  I actually ended up wearing this about for the first half of November.  I seem to remember taking it off then putting it right back on.  Maybe I wore this by itself first until it chipped (or it peeled off when I did dishes) and then I redid it and added the glitter.  I feel like this might have been the very first OPI that I bought and wore and doing the same thing then, too (just no glitter).
Now to jazz up the OPI, I pulled out China Glaze's Your Present Required, which is from the latest holiday collection.  I just did a glitter gradient from the cuticles using the polish brush and dabbed it around for where I wanted the glitter to be.  I feel like I added another coat of Out the Door to seal everything in and speed up drying time.
 Your Present Required is a gorgeous multi-colored glitter topper.  It's got matte white hexes in multiple sizes, including large; it's also got shiny lilac purple, bright blue, copper, gold and maybe silver in at least 2 different size hex glitters.  The large white glitter did not come out of the bottle to play at all, so those will require fishing if you really want them on your nails.  The clear base was just right for doing the gradient - not too much, not too thick or thin.
I feel like I used to do gradients like this all the time, then got away from it for quite a while.  I was happy to bring it back (I actually have a glitter gradient on my nails as I'm typing this...just different polishes).  I just have one more letter to post and then the wrap-up.  Since I actually wore the final manicure just over a month ago, I've been enjoying wearing whatever polish has grabbed my eye so I think it will be a while before I start over on the challenge.

Do you do glitter gradients often?  Did you get anything from the 2013 holiday collections?  What else would you layer Your Present Required over?

**all items purchased by me
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