Monday, December 2, 2013


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It's Monday again, but I have nothing prepared for the "miscellaneous" category - been too busy visiting family and shopping to have any time to make anything...or should I say finish anything since I do have a project I started last winter/Christmas season and never finished.  I tend to do that more than I should.  So since I don't have any project, I'll just do a nail post with the next letter of the ABC polish challenge:
 Letter "V" got a simple mani.  Over base coat, there's 2 coats of OPI Vesper.  That's it.
OPI Vesper is from the Bond Girls collection that was comprised of all Liquid Sand polishes.  This is actually one that I hesitated on getting since I had read several reviews that it basically reads as black on the nails.  But when I saw it on clearance at the local beauty supply for $.99, I decided to go for it.  And I like it.  There's enough grapey-purple around the edges that at least on me I didn't see it as a black polish.  Maybe it's because I used 2 pretty thin coats, but on me it read as a blackened purple - obviously in different lighting conditions it looked more purple or less.  While it might not be as necessary for other textured polishes, I think you get the best color "trueness" when using very thin coats for Vesper.
I'm still enjoying the textured trend, although I'm finding I have be more in the mood for it now.  Sometimes the dry bumpy feeling drives me crazy (like absolutely everything on me is dehydrated, including my nails) and other times it's precisely what I'm craving.

Do you always wear multiple polishes at one time? Or do you keep it simple with just one?  Are you over the whole "textured" trend?

**all items purchased by me
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