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Kiss Gradation Polishes - Influenster Product Review

**items received free for review from Influenster

Time to get my thoughts in order for reviews on the products I received in my Rose VoxBox from Influenster.  I'll be starting with the polish kit!  I got the Kiss Gradation kit and after a couple of tries (the first time I got impatient with letting Step 1 dry and took it off in favor of something that dried quickly), I'm ready to write up my review.  The shade I received is called Film Noir (found on the bottom of the box by the barcode).  To see all the colors of the Gradation Kits, click here.
From Influenster's site:
Create a ‘gradation/airbrushed’ look at home with a set of 3 mono-chromatic polishes with hints of shimmer and shine. 
  • 3 easy steps for a complete gradation look:
  • Apply two coats of Step 1 polish, let it dry
  • Apply one coat of Step 2 polish on the tip of nail, about 1/3 of nail
  • Before Step 2 coat is dry, apply one coat of Step 3 on ½ of the nail to blend in
  • Let dry completely and repeat steps on the other hand
Add your own touch to achieve new, unique nail effects:
  • Apply Step 3 over solid nail polish as a glitter topcoat
  • Wear each of the nail polishes alone 
Kiss® Gradation Polishes’ suggested retail is $6.99 and is available in major drug chains and mass retailers like WalMart, Walgreens, CVS, Target and Rite Aid. Visit to learn more!
Step 1, the silver, is a sheer foil finish.  This required 2 coats (over a base coat, of course) in order to cover a white spot on my nail plate.  I also felt the need to add a quick dry top coat since it dried very slowly on me.  Even with the top coat it still took quite a while to fully dry.  Pretty color, but sheer and slow drying.
Step 2, the charcoal, is a nice gunmetal shade that is slightly metallic in finish.  It was a little on the thin/runny side, but not extremely so.  According to the directions, you actually were not supposed to let this shade dry down all the way before adding Step 3.  Since I followed the directions, I'm not sure how quickly this polish dries on it's own.
Step 3, the glitter, is super pretty glitter topper in an ever so slightly tinted gray base.  It's got both holographic hexes liberally throughout as well as smaller holo glitter flecks.  I ended up with 2 layers of this Step 3.  The directions said apply to 1/2 the nail - I did the first layer of this one 1/2 way, then did the second layer about 3/4 of the way in order to get a better blended gradient.  I ended up finishing this layer off with another coat of quick dry.
~finally, a sunshine picture!~

By the time I got done, I had 5 layers of polish over half the length of my nails - plus base coat and 2 layers of top coat.  For being so many layers, it did wear fairly well.  I just wish the polishes had dried quicker on their own and the Step 1 shade had been more pigmented.  The process of doing the gradient itself was fairly easy - no need to worry about sponging on like some methods.  Just be sure to not overload your brush when you start going in with Steps 2 and 3.  All the colors went well together and were quite eye-catching in the sun.  I got several compliments on this mani while it was on.  I'll definitely be playing with this kit again, both with the included polishes as well as incorporating others from my collection.  Let the creativity flow!
As for bottle shape, I felt the need to hold on the bottle at all times since I was worried I would tip the bottle when putting in and taking out the brush.  The brushes are nice size - medium wide, and easy to control.  I prefer this size or even a little larger since skinnier brushes tend to give me problems with streakiness unless I deliberately keep excess polish on the brush.

So, would I purchase additional kits in other colors?  Right now, Big Break Blue is calling my name.  But I'm also thinking that since gold polishes are a definite minority in my polish collection, that Exposure might be an appropriate one to get since I don't often wear gold and wouldn't need full-sized bottles.  Huh, I just pretty much talked myself into getting 2 more of the kits so...I'll say I would purchase again.

Have you used the Kiss Gradation Polish kits?  What color polishes do you prefer on your nails?

**product received free from Influenster for review
**my opinions are my own

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