Monday, December 16, 2013

City Color - "X" is Your Name

**all items purchased by me

I'm so close to getting my ABC polish challenge all shared!  I even did some more work on my wrap-up post last night so once I get my last 3 letters posted, it won't take long to get that up.  I'm getting excited to see the end is so close!
Letter X was hard.  I have no polishes that start with that all.  So instead, I pulled out a random, unnamed and untried polish from City Color.  I'm not creative with names, so I just called it "X is your name" - real creative, huh?  Let's just say it's temporarily named.
This is 3 coats over Bridge the Ridge, probably topped off with Out the Door to speed up the drying process.  This was a limited edition polish (from Rite Aid) that came out around Halloween I think 2 years ago.  It's an interesting blurple that has some silver flecks in it that hid from the camera (and a lot in real life depending on the light).  You can see a few to the left of the name sticker on the bottle.
I think that I had this on my nails the day before Halloween and ended up adding a coat of China Glaze Howl You Doin' for Halloween itself.  I'll have to remember to post that some time since I did get a few pictures of it.

What would you have named this color, especially if it had to start with X?  Do you know of any polishes that do start with X?

**all items purchased by me
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