Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ulta Haul - Lorac Holiday Palettes

**all items purchased by me

I've got that post I briefly mentioned yesterday ready to go now!  It took forever to sort through all my pictures and get them loaded onto the camera last night.  And as I did that, I realized just how far behind I've much for not going shopping much this month.  Oops.  Anyway, when others' posts about holiday palettes/gift sets started appearing in my feed, the Lorac Pro Palette holiday set caught my eye.  I thought and thought about it, going back and forth.  Then Ulta had mailed/emailed a 10% off prestige brand coupon back at the end of October.  Of course, I decided to take advantage.  I've included swatches of 2 of the palettes, so there are a fair amount of pictures.

First off, I had decided I wanted a second Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush so I believe I used the actual mailer coupon on this one.
The first one of these brushes I bought directly from Urban Decay's website and have not had a problem with shedding.  This one, however, has had some shedding issues.  Hopefully I'll get the loose bristles worked out soon...  This is still my favorite brush for applying foundation.

The Lorac Rockin' Red Hot Pro Set wasn't in stock when I went in with the mailer, but I went back a couple days later with the one from my email and it was there!
I paid $35.10 (plus tax) using the coupon.  But now, if you can find it, you'll have to pay $39.  Which is actually cheaper than the Pro palette by itself ($42), plus in the Rockin' Red Hot set you get a a mini Behind the Scenes eye primer plus bonus Front of the Line Pro liquid eyeliner in Black, whereas if you just purchase the Pro palette, you only get the primer mini.
 ~for swatches of the Pro palette, click here to go to Temptalia's post on them~
~the right section of the palette got washed out in all my pictures so this was the best I could get.

And for my last Ulta purchase that I've made, a couple weeks ago I saw the 2 mini Lorac palettes up by the checkout area/impulse displays.  I passed them the first day, wanting to see swatches first, but at that point I couldn't really dig up much on them.  I decided to get them anyway a few days later, especially after using the Pro palette for a couple days straight first.  These are $12 each, which is a pretty fair price for being a prestige brand.
 Lorac Platinum Status:
The 2 on the left are light, but still well-pigmented.  The darkest color on the right actually has some silver sparkles added to, what I think is, an otherwise matte black

Lorac Solid Gold:
Once again, the 2 on the left are light, but still pretty well pigmented.  The cream shade especially is trying to blend into my skintone.  The darkest color on the right is similar to the one in the Platinum Status palette - just slightly more black and has gold sparkles rather than silver.

Both of the mini palettes swatched pretty well - there wasn't any particular shade that I struggled with.  Some took a bit of building to see the swatch in my pictures but mainly because they are so light colored to start with that they blend in with my super fair skin tone.  However, I do have a feeling that the darkest shade in both palettes will probably lose the sparkles once applied and blended on the eye just because they aren't packed with sparkle.

As you can see, I definitely hit up the Lorac brand for eyeshadows this month (and I may or may not have ordered another 2 small ones from Hautelook).  I've already been using the eye primer and I am really enjoying it.  I haven't used the liquid liner yet as I have another one currently open - I try to only have one black liquid liner open at a time.  I haven't used either of the mini palettes yet since they've been sitting by my computer in case I needed to refer to them while writing this post, but now they'll be making their way to my makeup corner.

Do you have any of these palettes from Lorac?  Have any recommendations of other products from the brand?  

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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