Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild In the Spotlight Eyeshadow Collection

**all items purchased by me

Time to share a makeup post!  A few weeks ago when I was in a different area than normal (chasing down an amazing deal on an over-the-stove microwave my dad told me about) I stopped in a CVS that I generally only go to around the times of the CVS beauty clearance sales.  I figured, since I was down there, why not.  And I found the latest 8-pan release from Wet 'n Wild!  2 of the 3 of these are perfect colors for Fall, while the 3rd reminds me more of Spring.  I did include a little mini review of these that is just based on swatches.
CVS display on the left (missing it's cardboard backer) and KMart on the right
~these are also available in a side panel display at Walgreens, but that's coming up in another post~

Haul picture!  By the way, when I purchased these from CVS, Wet 'n Wild was 40% off that week, plus I had a $5 off CVS coupon/beauty reward so I got all 3 (plus tax) for less than the price of 1!!

This is what's on the back of each palette since it's a bit different from the normal 8-pan palettes:

"Top Row: Shimmer Overcoats for Browbone
Middle Row: Pearl Powders for Eyelid
Bottom Row: Matte Definers for Eye Line"

And now for some closer-up shots, plus swatches.
 A Great Glistener

 Lights, Camera, Attraction

No Neutral Ground
The bottom right "definer" shade is definitely the softest out of all 3 palettes - it crumbled/flaked up in the pan before I even realized what was happening.

As far as overall pigmentation and ease of swatching, most of the colors needed some building up.  These aren't quite the same formula as the trios or the normally laid out 8-pan palettes.  I haven't had time to actually use these quite yet so hopefully they will behave better with the brush.  Some of the shimmer overcoats are, I think, too shimmery for on the browbone - or an odd color for there, but in the inner corner and/or blended onto the inner third of the lid could be beautiful.  I do appreciate the fact that they included many new colors for them, as well as including a couple of matte shades in each palette, and that they noted on the back of the palette that the the shadows are grouped by texture.

I'm hoping that Wet 'n Wild gets back to releasing eyeshadows that are on par with the core colors soon since these were all dry in comparison.  Either that or I'm getting really spoiled using Urban Decay, the Balm...  nah, these are just lacking somewhat.  I don't regret my purchase, but I'm definitely happy that I didn't have to pay full price.

Have you seen this collection yet?  Are you planning on getting any?  Do you feel that Wet 'n Wild's Color Icon shadow formula has been "off" lately?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated


  1. I bought these last weekend! I'm kinda bummed I payed full price but if I see wnw LE I buy it and think later lol but it's just notoriously good! I bought mine at kmart but I had a surprise $3 in points so not did much better though! :) I guess these are a little bit of a flop but there are some winners. I'm still happy I found them though! Oh and the next time you're in kmart check out the bongo store had all the polishes for. 74 cents and sqeezy tube glosses for. 74 and lip glosses with the wand applicator for. 99 cents! I was curious about the brand, but not for retail! Lol :)

    1. When I'm searching for LE wnw, I typically pay full price, but this time I got lucky! Yay for surprise points! I used a few shades from A Great Glistener today and was happier with how it looked on the eye versus swatching, although it's not a stand-alone palette for me. No regrets on buying them, I just think they could have been better. KMart is one of those stores I have to either be in the mood for (for the one close to where I live) or drive out of my way to go to a nicer one. But sales like that might be tempting enough to go again. Why pay retail when you can get a sale? :-)