Friday, November 8, 2013

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rent the Runway Glitter Collection

**all items purchased by me

It's way past time to share this post... Unfortunately, I'm not sure if it's still available anywhere anymore.  Boo.  I initially found the collection around the end of August at Walgreens (which is where I purchased all of them from), but then I also saw it at Ulta.  This collection seemed to have a very short run when it was out.  I'd say that it's probably because there was only 2 of each glitter in all the displays.  But since I did end up purchasing the full collection over a few transactions, I wanted to share.  When I was getting them, I managed to buy them on sale for buy one get one 50% off, plus the beauty counter had $1 off coupons.  This is from the "Rent the Runway" collection for Fall 2013.

~~Since it's a fairly large collection of 10, there's quite a few pictures.~~

So let's get started with the 2 displays that I saw:
The above display (or actually part of a display) was from Walgreens; down below is the one I spotted at Ulta

Haul pictures!
Green Rocket, Silver Streamers, Glitter Gun, Frazzle Dazzle
Spark in the Dark, Strobe Flash, Confetti Cake, Sea-ly String, Confetti Punch
 Rosey Shooter

Let's see some (hopefully) better bottle shots, shall we?:
Green Rocket, Silver Streamers, Glitter Gun, Frazzle Dazzle 
(Rosey Shooter's bottle shot is up in the "haul" section)
 Spark in the Dark, Strobe Flash, Confetti Cake, Sea-ly String, Confetti Punch

And swatches:
Strobe Flash, Rosey Shooter, Green Rocket, Glitter Gun, Frazzle Dazzle, Confetti Punch, Sea-ly String, Silver Streamers, Confetti Cake, Spark In the Dark
 ~these were all one coat, plus some extra dabbing where needed.
~Confetti Punch, Sea-ly String and Confetti Cake all have lightly tinted bases, with Confetti Cake being the most sheerly tinted
~Confetti Punch and Confetti Cake are the only 2 that do not have bar glitters of any size or color
~Rosey Shooter, Green Rocket and Glitter Gun all have small white bar glitters (the rest of the polishes that contain bar glitters have larger black ones)
~Strobe Flash is black and white glitters
~Silver Streamers is black and silver glitters
~Spark In the Dark is black and gold glitters
~Frazzle Dazzle is multiple sized hex copper glitters with black bars
Strobe Flash is probably the most easily dupe-able at this point since black and white glitter polish is the "thing" now.  I know that in my collection, I have the same or similar concept from China Glaze, Hard Candy, Claire's and Maybelline as well...and I'm sure that there are others (especially in the "indie" world).  There might be a couple other glitters - I'm thinking maybe the 2 Confetti ___ glitters - that are similar to ones in the Hard Candy line (or at least before some of them got discontinued already).

Did you come across this display in your polish hunts?  Did any of these remind you of other polishes?  Do let me know since I always like to add to my "dupe" list!  And of course, let me know if you'd like to see any of these on the nails soon!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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