Friday, November 15, 2013

Recessionista with R.I.P.

**all items purchased by me

I had full intentions to do a follow-up post to yesterday's Wet 'n Wild Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post, but I seem to have completely run out of energy.  It's early for me and I already feel sleepy.  Very odd.  Anyway, I knew that editing and posting the next letter for the ABC challenge would take a bit less focus so that's what I've got today.  So the next letter is
Of course, I used my usual Bridge the Ridge to start things off.  Then I did 2 slow, medium coats of Essie Recessionista.  I believe I added a coat of Out the Door to dry things up quicker.
Essie Recessionista is a nice rich burgundy-plum creme polish.  Essie calls it a "smart, intelligent and savvy brick red."  I tried to apply my coats slowly, waiting for a minute or 2 between coats, but I still ended up with some balding at the base of my pinkie.  In the future, I'll try to be patient enough to let the first coat dry completely.  Creme polishes are a finish that seems to be lacking in my collection.  What can I say... I'm drawn to all things sparkly!  I really should try to not turn up my nose at cremes - they're very useful in a collection.  And when I can find them on clearance, as I did with Recessionista (99 cents, baby!), all the better.  With Essie polishes, I find that I have to do medium-thick coats whereas with other brands I can get away with thinner.  Recessionista debuted in the Fall 2012 Stylenomics collection, but it's currently listed on the Essie site.
~the upper left picture is the least color-accurate~ 
~for the most color-accurate pictures of Recessionista, check out the final 3 pictures of today's post~

I was feeling particular creative that day...or was that impulsive...with regards to picking the accent polish.  I went with Orly R.I.P. and freehanded on my current favorite style of diagonal color-blocking.  I think this was just one coat - it's been a while and I forgot to take any notes when I did this.  There's another coat of Out the Door to seal everything together.
~Above is under my lamp;  the remaining are next to my favorite window~
Orly R.I.P. is a black jelly polish with medium sized orange hex glitters and fine orange flecks.  Depending on how the light hits, the orange flecks look more golden orange.  This is one of those Orly glitters that need really well shook before applying as the glitter and the black pigment settle rather quickly from the suspension base.  R.I.P. originally debuted in the Halloween 2012 Spellbound collection, but it's also part of the Flash Glam FX line, so it's still available at Orly's site or Ulta.
~these pictures are most color-accurate for Recessionista~

After not being sure about the combo as I was applying it, I ended up really liking the way this looked.  Very Fall appropriate.  This stayed on for a few days before moving on.

Do you ever come up with combinations you aren't sure about, but after a while you end up really liking?  How would you wear R.I.P.?

**all items purchased by me
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