Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quartz of Course

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I'm ready to share another mani from the ABC polish challenge!  This next letter, Q, was a bit tricky to find a polish for - I went through the majority of my stash before I finally found one - a glitter topper, so for the undies I used a basic black topped by another unused polish.
First up, I put a nice coat of Wet 'n Wild Ebony Hates Chris over a ridge filling base coat to start of the undie-layering process.  Once that was dry, I added a generous coat of Wet 'n Wild Gray's Anatomy and let that dry thoroughly.
Ebony Hates Chris and Gray's Anatomy are both from the core line of Fast Dry polishes.  Gray's Anatomy needs the undies since I find it to be too sheer to ever get opaque on its own.  In the bottle it looks like a duo-chrome, but I could pretty much only see the purple-ness of it layered over black in most lights.

Now for my "Q" polish - Wet 'n Wild Quartz of Course.  This is the best I could get for my picture since it insisted on blinding the camera in the sunlight.  I don't believe I used topcoat over this one either.
Quartz of Course is a limited edition polish from Wet 'n Wild.  It came in the Hot Rocks collection from Spring 2013.  This is a clear based super bright purple hex glitter topper that has smaller gunmetal hex glitters.  Application was pretty decent.  I believe I used one thick coat.  I quite like the way this looks over Gray's Anatomy - it seemed to enhance the purple aspect to it.

As of this point, I've had at least one polish that started with the correct letter for the challenge - for most letters I've had several - except for this one and then the last 3 letters of the alphabet.  And for the most part I've only looked to one section of my storage so I'll definitely have to consider doing this challenge again in the future (maybe at a quicker rate).   I do realize that I'm going through this challenge at a much slower pace than the one that I originally got the idea from, but I normally wear my polishes as a full mani until I start getting major chipping before moving on to the next.

I am ready for this challenge to be done - in real life, I am about to do the final letter - but I'm still quite behind on posting the manis.  Maybe I'm losing interest in it because I've been at it for so long now (I started in July).  I'm beyond ready to wear some of my newer holiday polishes.  As for the blog itself, I've got some thoughts of doing new theme days off and on are also running through my head - perhaps Texture Tuesday (or Thursday) and/or maybe Stamping Saturday...

Can you think of any other polishes that have names starting with Q?  What do you think of my ideas of new theme days?

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