Monday, November 25, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - DIY Snowman Wearing a Mickey Ear Hat

**all items purchased by me
Time for Miscellaneous Monday!  Today I've got a quick (other than all the drying time) and fairly easy craft to make that's inspired by the magical Mouse - Mickey.  I've had him done for a while but didn't want to post him before we had had any snow...well, now we've had snow a few days and are currently under a winter storm warning (the alert on my phone is saying anywhere from 8-10 inches over the next several days).  Looks like it's possible we're going to have a white Thanksgiving.  This should be fun.
 You don't need much:

  • wooden heart (optional to paint white first)
  • plastic ring (for a little stability since the pom-pom can sit down in it a bit)
  • white pom-poms in 3 sizes (1 large, 1 medium, 2 small) - actual size you use depends on how big you want him
  • black Scribbles paint
  • Glitter Snow (Aleene's) or True Snow
  • tacky glue
from the side view, you can see he's tilting back a bit - the better to look up to you
  1. Glue largest 2 pop-poms together.  Also glue center plastic loop on heart and glue together
  2. Glue snowman down, centering in the loop, building up glue around the base if needed for more stability.  Let dry
  3. Glue 2 small pop-poms to top like a Mickey ear hat and let dry
  4. Apply glitter snow (or true snow) and let dry thoroughly.  I made mine uneven & mounded up looking
  5. Using the black Scribbles, start covering the "ear" pom-poms and top of snowman head to better resemble Mickey ear hat (this takes quite a bit of time to get good solid coverage; works better in more than one sitting); let dry thoroughly.
  6. Using the black Scribbles, paint on eyes, nose and mouth and let dry

Even though the waiting stages made the project take longer, it's still a quite easy project to do.  I'm actually thinking about making more (maybe even adding a bow to the "ear hat" for Minnie) to go with some Winter/Christmas decorations I have.  Click here for my previous pom-pom snowman creations.  You can also click here to see Snowman Mickey mini ornaments.

Do you like to use pom-poms for craft projects?  Maybe you prefer a different medium?

**all items purchased by me
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