Saturday, November 23, 2013

Collective Beauty, Sweater & Accessory Hauls!

**all items purchased by me

Ready for some random mini shopping trips all thrown into one?  I've got quite a few stores where I only bought one, maybe 2 things, and for the most part they are from stores in the mall (although Walgreens did sneak into this post).  I combined a lot of mini shopping trips into one post, so there's a lot of pictures to load (sorry).

So since Walgreens is a frequent site on the blog, let's start there.  There's 4 different visits that spread across quite a time span (August until late October).
 Visit 1, I bought the Wet 'n Wild Shimmer Take on the Day eye shadow primer (might be l.e.?)
Visit 2, I bought a couple Sinful Colors polishes - Song of Summer #1199 and Coffee #975 (again, I believe l.e.)

Visit 3 (went for bodywash that the Mister forgot to tell me he was out of), I picked up my first Wet 'n Wild Fergie line lipstick in A041 Ferguson Crest Cabernet

 And finally, after reading Emily Noel/Beauty Broadcast's review on the e.l.f. Beauty Book from Walgreens, I got it (originally was going to pass, but after seeing the review, realized it was actually pretty good and different from all the older ones I have)  This was actually the last one at that particular Walgreens.

Now let's see what I've found during a couple of different trips to the craft store.  I'm pretty sure I shared most of the polishes on Instagram, but figured I'd go ahead and repost it here.
L.A. Girl Splatter polish in Spatter and 
L.A. Girl Feather Frenzy polishes in Raven (black/white/silver) and Peacock (blue/white) bar glitters

These 2 items I found more recently and didn't get posted on Instagram:
 L.A. Girl Feather Frenzy polish in Canaray (white & super shiny gold) bar glitters
~isn't the embellishment of the headband cute?? this is also the color that went best with my hair color~

And these last few items are from more recent trips to the mall.  I needed to go to the mall to get some new shirts for the Mister from Express so of course, I had to check out the jewelry.  I had seen this pair of earrings during a previous visit, but passed at that point.
minty green pyramid stud-style with crystal accents
I ended up paying $5.54 after the mailer coupon 

I also made a little trip into Forever 21 that day and found a few things: 
 Nail Decorations in Gold/Silver ($3.80 - there were other designs), 
Sand Lacquer in Burnished Gold, glitter polish in Red/Silver

When I was at the mall last Saturday (the bulk of that will be in an upcoming post since I attended a beauty event at the Elizabeth Arden counter), I wondered into the Limited and found a pair of earrings:
brown rosette shaped studs with some pink-champagne crystals surrounding a center clear crystal
I ended up paying $4.89 plus tax (30% off clearance)

On the same day as when I bought the earrings from the Limited, I also found a couple of cute warm sweaters at Forever 21, but since I am a complete fail at taking decent pictures of clothing...I didn't - I let the sites do the work (links are just for convenience). 

And a couple days ago at the Limited, I spied a 40% off sweaters sign for that day and I found one that fit nicely.

At least I can say that some of these items' purchases date back to August, right?  Not all in one month, or even 2.  The most expensive things were the 3 sweaters that I purchased - but it is sweater weather where I in "technically it's Fall, but temperatures will only be in the 30s during the day."

Are you living in warm sweaters in your area?  Or are you in, perhaps, a warmer climate?  Have any good "mall hauls" lately?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated - links just for your convenience

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