Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spotted - Snowman Polishes at Rite Aid

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While I've got quite a few collections that need their own editions of Spotted, Hauled & Swatched...I'm not up to sorting and editing all the pictures that they need (there's at least 6 of those posts that need to be done...).  I feel like I'm on the verge of a headache and my ear is really bothering me - maybe they're related.  At least I've gotten laundry done, so after this I can get some rest and slowly work on editing while taking frequent breaks.  Apparently I'm also in a bit of a chatty mood.  

Anyway...let's see the return of the Snowman polishes at Rite Aid.  I actually spotted these little cuties back at the start of October but, at least at that location, they aren't really moving like some times.  Maybe because they were on the bottom shelf and people aren't quite ready for Snowman.  These guys are $3.99 each.
There's a mix of just about everything in here - neons/brights, pastels, chunky glitters, fine glitters, milky glitters...
The fact that they all have blinged out hats this year is just adorable!

I only got somewhat close-up shots of some of the display.
~the front left snowman is red and green glitter.  I won't purchase him since I just bought a holiday Sinful Colors one that is the same combo (that should be in an upcoming post)
~the snowman behind him is just shiny gold glitter
~the front right snowman is superfine red and some gold glitters.  I believe I bought last year's version, which I am planning on swatching in the upcoming weeks.
~the blue and purple glitter on the right looks to be the same as one that came in a mini set from a prior Halloween, so if you'd like to see a swatch, click here and scroll down to the 3rd swatch
~I believe that the multi-colored glitter is the same as the one I've purchased in a previous year...if you'd like to see a swatch of him, click here and scroll down to number 4
~the pinky glitter on the left also looks to be the same as one that I've purchased before in my Halloween mini set, so if you'd like to see that one swatched, click here and scroll down to the 2nd swatch

It seems like I've seen an additional holiday display from the Blue Cross brand recently, but I don't believe I got any pictures of it.  While I may not be planning on getting any of these polishes, I do have my eye on a holiday gift set that Rite Aid has (the Satina Perfectly Airbrushed set of 4 brushes & a "beauty blender" imitator...although according to a comment on Nouveau Cheap's page, the fan brush is 'terrible').  Decisions, decisions.

Do you have any Snowman Polishes in your collection?  Are you eyeing up any of the holiday gift sets for either yourself or to give?

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