Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spotted - More Halloween Displays!

**nothing purchased

I've got a second post for you today!  It's more Halloween displays!  We've got 2 more versions of Fantasy Makers by Wet 'n Wild as well as the Disney Villains collaboration between E.L.F., Ardell, Scunci and SoHo.

First up, a stop at Walgreens for what one location got in from the Fantasy Makers line so far:
At the top to the left of the nail polish bottles are tubes of black lipstick, 
then the polish (names will be below)
Next shelf has 2 Painter's Palettes and 3 Pretty Wicked Glitter Creme Palettes
Next is 2 rows of fancy eye lashes (maybe 5 different sets?)
Finally is 2 rows of Hauntingly Hip Stencil Kits - 4 designs
top row: MegaLast polishes in Poison Ivy, Root of All Evil and Lethal Injection
bottom: FastDry polishes in Ebony Hates Chris, Party of Five Glitters and Gray's Anatomy
~the first 3 are re-releases from the 2012 Pick Your Poison collection
~the 3 FastDry polishes are core colors

I also saw that the Disney Villains collection is rolling out (not all locations have everything):
4 different E.L.F. look books - Ursula, Maleficent, Evil Queen and Cruella DeVil
 E.L.F. nail polish cubes (stacked on top of each other on the upper shelf's right)
~another display of Wet 'n Wild Tough Girl polishes is tucked in~
and sets of Scunci hair accessories
4 different SoHo makeup bags
4 sets of Ardell lashes (3 designs in each set)
~there are also 4 nail art kits, but I either didn't see them or didn't get a picture~

I have to admit, I'm planning on skipping the Villains collection....

Now let's go over to my favorite grocery store with a larger beauty department, Giant Eagle:
 Tombstone polishes in Once Upon a Time (silver), Ghouls Rush In (neon looking orange) and Darkest Hour (plain black)
(there is also the traditional glow-in-the-dark, which I didn't get a close-up of)
Dial handsoaps and Scunci hair accessories

Are you planning on getting anything from the Disney Villains collaboration?  What's catching your eye?  

**nothing purchased

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