Friday, October 4, 2013

Spotted, Hauled...a couple, & Swatched - L'Oreal Limited Edition Top Coats

**all items purchased by me

I've got a tiny little Spotted, Hauled & Swatched post to share today.  It's taken me quite a while to get the swatch pictures to actually show so I had to do them a little different than normal.  Anyway, I spotted the L'Oreal Nail Art Made Easy display a couple weeks ago at Rite Aid (and I've also seen it at Giant Eagle since).  One color in particular seems to be flying off the shelf since when I saw it at Giant Eagle a couple days later, it was already gone.

As usual, a display picture:
there are 6 creme shades (I thought I got a close-up of the names but it must not have taken)
6 top coats and 3 patterns of Nail Lingerie
top coat names: The Matte Velvet, The True Gold, The True Diamond
The Sparklicious, The Holographic, The Shift Me
The True Diamond reminds me of Essie Pure Pearl-fection (I have the Essie)
The Shift Me looks like a sheer pink-to-baby-blue duochrome
~I've already seen a review of the Matte Velvet and it's gotten a good review...I might get it in another trip, but I haven't decided yet
~The Holographic seems to be the one selling out the quickest/has the potential to

I only bought 2 shades:
803 The Sparklicious and 804 The Holographic

And some swatches:
 (Park Avenue Luncheon (left) and Rainy Piccadilly (darkest) both have the tips done with The Holographic)
2 coats of The Sparklicious
2 coats of The Holographic
index and ring fingers are The Sparklicious (larger matte black hex glitters with smaller silver hex and holographic bar glitters in clear base)
middle and pinkie fingers are The Holographic (very opalescent-shifting flakies in clear base)

~I definitely recommend a good swirl with your brush in the bottle of The Sparklicious before each nail since the glitter tends to want to stay in the bottle or on the brush and not come off
~The Holographic takes a bit of fussing with to get the flakies to not hang over the edge, and it benefits from a second coat after the first dries (to prevent dragging the prior flakies)

Have you seen this display yet?  Are you planning on getting anything?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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