Saturday, October 12, 2013

Spotted, Hauled...a couple, & Swatched - China Glaze Monster's Ball

**all items purchased by me

I spotted the China Glaze Monsters Ball Halloween collection about a month ago - actually just before I heard/read anything about it.  I saw it at Ulta and actually managed to get a display picture!  Now, the first day I didn't purchase anything, but a few days later I went back and bought one.  Then about a week ago ended up coming across them at Sally's Beauty Supply and decided to get a couple more.

Here's the display:
 There's 6 polishes total.  I ended up purchasing 3, which you'll see later.  First I wanted to share a couple of pictures of 2 of the ones I didn't get.
Texture in Bump in the Night and glitter in Bat My Eyes
~there's also a glow-in-the-dark polish, but I didn't get a picture of it (bottom right corner of the display)~

Now let's get on to the ones I did purchase.
Bought #1280 Boo-gie Down from Ulta
1278 Howl You Doin' and 1281 Fang-Tastic from Sally's Beauty Supply

And swatches.  And yes, I have the one I bought from the 2013 Fall Girl About Town collection polish also swatched.
Boo-gie Down, Fang-Tastic, Howl You Doin' and Rendezvous with You
~the 3 Halloween polishes are roughly 2 coats by the time I got enough glitter for an even coverage
~Rendezvous with You is one coat

  • Boo-gie Down has black hex glitters in 3 sizes, black bar glitters, small white hex glitter, copper glitter in 2 sizes of hex glitters and gold hex glitters in 2 sizes.  The black and white glitters are matte, the rest are shiny.
  • Fang-Tastic has 2 sizes of glitter, with bright blue being the only color of the larger glitter and bright blue as well as green, purple and magenta small hex glitter.  All these glitters are shiny.
  • Howl You Doin' is a dark purple jelly loaded with brighter purple and orange glitters that makes it look all glowy.  This dried looking like it has a texture, but probably one coat of topcoat would take care of that look.

I'm loving how China Glaze is getting more adventurous with its glitter combinations - black glitters, white glitters, multiple different sizes/shapes in one bottle!  I thought about getting Bat My Eyes, but the coloring looks similar to last year's Cast A Spell (which I still haven't worn).  So that one's still in the "maybe" category.

Have you seen these China Glaze Halloween collection?  See any you want to get?

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