Friday, October 11, 2013

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Be A Runway Beauty Eyeshadow Trios

**all items purchased by me

It's time to return to pretty polishes and makeup!  Perfect timing since there's lots of limited edition stuff hitting the shelves.  Today I'm sharing a trio of eyeshadow trios from Wet 'n Wild.  On the top of the side panel it said "Be A Runway Beauty" so that's what I'm going with as the collection name.  Even though there isn't the usual limited edition sticker seal on the sides of these, I am under the belief that these are limited (the Tough Girl collection didn't have that sticker either).  As of today, I've only seen this collection at one Walgreens (I did see a counter display at a KMart, but the trios were already gone).  I found my set pretty close to the end of September; hopefully these will appear at more locations soon.
The trios are hiding behind the price sticker flags on the right under the mascara row

All lined up at home:
 And swatches:
 Silent Era Film
~the "browbone" color pretty much blends in with my skintone, but it does have a nice sheen
~the coral "crease" shade applied pretty well, but it did need a couple layers to show up as pictured
~the graphite "eyelid" shade swatched a little patchy, but did even out with an additional layer
 Grays Matter
~the "browbone" shade is a light gray that seems to be a bit harder in consistency so it took more work to swatch it
~both purples needed a bit of building up, but didn't have patchiness issues
Camera Obscura
~both the browbone and crease colors swatched fairly easily, with minimal building up needed
~the dark blue "eyelid" color doesn't show up blue - it comes off as more of a charcoal

Overall, I'd say these aren't super intensely pigmented (but that could be good for colors that look more intimidating in the pan).  Most did swatch smoothly, with just some building up needed to make them appear closer to the pan.  Of course, swatching with a finger versus applying with a brush are two different things. There aren't any shadows in this group that are glittery - it's all matte and satin finishes.  The amount of matte shadows could also explain why they didn't swatch super easily.  I do wish the purples were more pigmented to start with since I'm always wanting good pretty purples.  That seems to be the color family that most drugstore brands have problems with.  As far as carry-over shades from the core line or other limited edition palette, the eyelid color in Silent Era Film looks to be the same as the middle shade in the right column of the discontinued Lust palette and the eyelid color in Camera Obscura is the same as the left side crease of the Blue Had Me at Hello palette 

Did you happen to find this group of trios?  Are you planning on getting any if you do see them?

**all items purchased by me
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