Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Miscellaneous Shopping Hauls!

**all items purchased by me

Ready for some randomness?  I've got makeup, nail polish and shoes that I've purchased in the last month or so to share.  I wasn't in the mood for gathering my thoughts for a review that needs done...it's much easier/simpler to share pictures.

Earlier this year, Nicole by OPI released a line of Gumdrops shimmer texture polishes.  Initially in the U.S. the release was only at Walmart and didn't include all of the shades that a particular store in Canada got.  Well, back in August Nicole by OPI started sharing that the original release as well as another shade was coming to CVS (maybe Target too but I don't remember for sure) so I of course had to start compulsively looking since the new shade was one that I really wanted.  I managed to find it towards the end of August at CVS!!
 Look!! 7 shades in the wall display at CVS!!
That's What I Mint

Just recently I came across a limited edition display at Rite Aid of NYC products (in fact, it was the same day as the L'Oreal top coats) and one caught my eye enough to get.
 Disco Inferno collection
Disco Inferno top coat
~bottom right picture is in some sunlight through the window~

I've been wanting some flat shoes to wear since my feet aren't entirely comfortable wearing heels for long periods of time anymore.  So when I was at Target a week or so ago, I found a couple pairs that were reasonably priced and fairly comfortable.  They were on sale that week for buy one get one 50% off.  I do still want to look for some non-suede boots....
Style: Ona in the colors Blush and Black
~I did get some cotton shoe liners to wear with these since right where the shoes end on the heels are places that get irritated extremely easy.  If only I'd been able to find some in nude.  I got black and white.~
~I tried to wear one pair the other day without the shoe liners but the spot on the back of my heel was too tender so the liners are a must for me to wear with them.~

I also went to Dollar Tree looking for some craft supplies and got a couple e.l.f. items as well:
 Studio line Small Smudge Brush 
Studio Line Matte Lip Colors in Coral and Praline

And yesterday I made another trip to Dollar Tree (different location) and came across a different color:
Studio Line Matte Lip Color in Rich Red
~my pictures are showing it more pink than the raspberry-red it really is

See anything you have or would like to have?  Where do you like to purchase your shoes from?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated


  1. I want to try the Rich Red lip color

    1. Hope you can get your hands on it! I wore it today and it felt so nice on - not drying at all and lasted for a long time. :-)