Monday, October 14, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - DIY Ghost

**all items purchased by me

Time for a new Miscellaneous Monday post!  I've got a Halloween craft that was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest.  I've tried clicking on the picture to get a source, but it doesn't seem to be properly linked.  Instead, I copied the image into Google to search that way and with a little digging, finally found the source of the pin.  Since I found this after the fact, I made mine just based off the image so it's not quite as fancy/embellished (although I have 49 more leaves in the bag).  

Isn't he cute?!
  • All you need are silk leaves (the first one I tried was made out of some other material - maybe crepe paper? - and I'm not happy with it)
  • white craft paint (original crafter used fabric paint) and paint brush
  • black Scribbles paint (apparently the original crafter used a black marker).  The Scribbles paint makes the eyes and mouth a touch 3D
  • fishing line if you are planning on hanging this (which I'll be doing soon)

These are the leaves I used that worked well.  This bag of 50 is from the Dollar Tree.  

Make sure to protect your work surface first as I found the paint did soak through to the back side (which actually made painting the back easier).  It takes 2-3 coats to get a good, even coverage.  Let dry, then blob on some Scribbles for eyes and a mouth.  I gave mine a funny shaped mouth.  :-)  Let dry again.  If you want to hang him up, then make a little hole and thread through some fishing line (so it will be more invisible).

I'm planning on making more as soon as I get the time.  Maybe I'll paint some more leaves white while watching a movie.  I wonder if I can find some glow in the dark paint to do some accents, or even the whole thing...or maybe add some sparkle like the original pin has.....

Do you make any of your own Halloween decorations, or do you purchase them from the store?

**all items purchased by me
**see inspiration link above (first paragraph)

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