Monday, October 21, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - DIY Abandonded Potion Bottle

**all items purchased by me

Continuing in my effort to reignite the crafting creativity, I have a new Halloween craft to share today for Miscellaneous Monday...fresh off the "crafting presses."  Literally! I just started and finished this DIY abandoned potion bottle today.
(lower light on left)
Basic supplies:

  • empty 24 ounce Pom Wonderful bottle (we love that juice around here, by the way) 
  • black craft paint and a brush to put it on with
  • embellishments
Beyond that, it's up to you how you want to embellish it.  I ended up mixing a couple of other paints to make it look like there was some liquid in it, as well as adding an aged label (that the name "conveniently" wore off since I couldn't think of something).  I then added some "super stretch spider web" and a few sparkly spider confetti to make it look even more abandoned.  I got the web and confetti a couple years ago after Halloween from Walmart (go clearance!!).

If you're curious, the label is actually my first run at making a ghost out of a leaf (click here for the final version if you'd like).  I think the material on it is kind of like crepe paper.  Anyway, after it was painted white (which it never did look completely white since it started off bright yellow and orange), it ripped pretty easily to be turned into a label.  After tearing it, I crumbled it up, straightened it out then dipped my finger into some tacky glue to get a good even coating to the edges and applied.  Then I distressed it some more with brown and a touch of green paints.

I'd also suggest putting some kind of filler in it to give it some weight to prevent it from toppling over if bumped.  It takes some patience to let the paint dry, and it seems the first coat does dry extra-slow on the plastic.  And be warned that the black paint does easily scratch off so if that bugs you, then you may want to try sealing it with either a spray polyurethane or a coat of mod podge (obviously before the 3D embellishments).  Or leave it be to make it look more aged.

What do you think of my abandoned potion bottle?  What are some good names of potion ingredients?

**all items purchased by me
**while there are a lot of pins for this on Pinterest, this is essentially my own design (with some input from the Mister)

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