Monday, October 28, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday - Black & White Roses for Halloween

**all items purchased by me

Can you believe that Halloween is merely a few days away?  I know I can't.  Back at the end of September/very start of October I had all kinds of plans and ideas for decorating, but then some health issues (and the moodiness from it being this month last year that my grandfather passed away) got the best of me and now the majority of my decorations from last year are still sitting in a box in the staircase to the attic and what I've made this year is scattered around on various desks in my office.  At least I can say that I managed to make a few new things this year (and now I've got a whole year to continue to work on others I didn't get to).  The black roses remind me of The Addams Family movies, so I kept thinking about those while playing around with my arrangements.

Basic supplies:
  • black and/or white roses 
  • milkglass vases
  • florists' foam
  • whatever other embellishments you want to use, if any
~for this one, I also used black wire-edged ribbon and "Expressions" mesh tubing

When I came home from my parents house Saturday night with some florists' foam stuff (that's the only thing I didn't buy - Mom shared her stash with me), I got to work on using my Halloween roses.  I bought my white blood-splattered roses from Michael's craft store a month or so ago on sale.  As for the black roses, I bought them a day or 2 after last Halloween on clearance from Walmart.  As I worked into the night I decided I'm going to buy some more after Halloween if I can find them.  So while I purchased enough large vases from Goodwill ($1 each for nice milkglass), I only ended up making 2 arrangements...  I did start the 3rd by putting in the foam and attaching the ribbons; that vase is now sitting in my craft cabinet waiting for flowers. 
~on this arrangement, I put blood splatter gel clings (although I think they will have to be taken off before storage and then re-done each year)
~no foam in this one

In addition to trying to purchase more black roses, I think I want to keep my eyes open at Goodwill for some more narrow vases (maybe taller, too) since I have some more black roses that are edged in orange and green.  If I happen to see more of the blood-splattered roses next year, I might get some more of those as well...but I bought all that Michaels had this year.  Now I need to go straighten up my office/craft room - it's a complete disaster!

Are you ready for Halloween?  Or did it sneak up on you?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions/designs are my own


  1. I love those black roses! Did you find any at walmart this year? Halloween kinda snuck up on me too...I had like 54 ideas and only did like 2 :p funny how that happens...sorry to hear about your grandfather :(

    1. Hi Ashley! I just got back from Walmart and they do have black roses, but this year's are more open than the buds I bought last year. I got impatient and bought mine tonight, knowing that I most likely wouldn't have time to go ASAP after Halloween when things get marked to clearance. It's always hard around the anniversary of a loved one passing...