Friday, September 6, 2013

Spotted - Pumpkin Polishes 2013!...and more Fright Night Products

**all items purchased by me

I went to my favorite Rite Aid again to see what else had been put out and there was 2 displays of untouched Pumpkin polishes!  The bottles are so cute!  The only thing you have to remember if you spot these at Rite Aid is that you had better get the one(s) you like as soon as you spot them since there is generally only 1 of each in the display.  It's also possible that there are other Pumpkins available at other locations, since these displays seem to be very random with what shows up at which store.

First batch of Pumpkins and I took close up shots of some of the bottles as well - some of them are glitters!
Glitter Pumpkins, Neon Pumpkins and a few nail art brushes - $3.99 each
Skull lip glosses (I think 3 different ones) - $3.99 each
 Glow in the Dark Pumpkin polishes - $3.99

And some more Fright Night products:
Frightening Lashes in 6 designs - $3.99
Colored Hair Chalk in 3 colors - price was no where to be seen

Did I purchase anything from these displays?  mmmmm maybe:
2 shades of purple glitter!

I am planning on swatching all of my Pumpkin polishes from last year, as well as this one, really soon!  When I saw them, I thought a lot of them looked familiar so I'll have to get on that soon.

For Fright Night 2013 releases, click here.
For Kiss 2013 releases, click here.

Do you have any of the cute little Pumpkin polishes?  

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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