Monday, September 2, 2013

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Wet 'n Wild Tough Girl Eye Shadow Trio Collection!

**all items purchased by me

Today I've got a makeup version of Spotted, Hauled & Swatched to share.  The new Wet 'n Wild Tough Girl eye shadow trio collection!  As of right now, I've only spotted this at Walgreens (only 1 location out of 5) and KMart (1 out of 2).  At Walgreens, it's in a side panel along with items from the core line; at KMart it's in a little counter display (but not all the palettes are in it).  By the time that I decided to purchase the eye shadows from Walgreens (only 2 days after I originally saw the display), one was already sold out so I had to hunt for the last palette which I ended up finding at KMart.

As usual, we'll get started with display(s) shot(s).

And now for the haul portion of this post:
I got the above 5 from Walgreens and the bottom one (with the mascara) from KMart
~all were $2.99 each

Swatch time!  I just used my fingers, no primer underneath:
~There really is 3 colors - the brow bone color of Enlisting for Beauty just blends in with my skin tone
~same thing with the top shade of Zero Dark Flirty - 
the lilac color is definitely pastel enough it kind of blends in
~the brow bone and eyelid colors of I Don't Do Camouflage took a little bit of building up, but not bad
~once again, the brow bone color of Soldiers in Charms took a little building but nothing horrible
~the white color is extremely soft 
~the top brow bone shade of Support Our Troops! is more gray than the silver color in the core Don't Steal My Thunder trio
~again, the eyelid color of Spoiled Army Brat is light enough that it tries to blend in with my skin tone

As far as finishes, they are pretty much all satin or matte finishes, with just Soldier in Charms having one shade with some shimmer.  There are few similarities to colors in the core line of singles, trios and 8-pan palettes.  Soldier in Charms has a shade similar to one in Comfort Zone; Support Our Troops has a matte black that is like the one in Blue Had Me at Hello; I Don't Do Camouflage has a almost black slightly shimmery navy similar to Blue Had Me at Hello. 

All in all, 18 eye shadow colors, mostly new, plus a mascara for less than $20.  I'd say that's a pretty good deal.  Sure, some of the colors take a little building up...but it's easier to build up a color than to try to take away too much color when you're doing an eye look.  Using a colored base of some sort underneath will help the colors appear more vibrant.  I do think that for some of these trios, a neutral color would be needed to make a more complete look.

For a look at swatches of the Tough Girl Textured polishes that also came out, click here.

Are you planning on getting any of the Tough Girl eye shadow trios?  Which one(s)?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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