Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spotted - Fright Night Halloween 2013 Collection

**no products purchased

More Halloween goodies!  I think it's so fun to see the products that each company comes up with for Halloween from year to year, even if I don't buy much of it.  Anyway, let's check out what Fright Night (I want to keep typing out "Fight" Night...oops) has brought out for the 2013 season!  I'll have one more Halloween goody display post coming up - Fantasy Makers - soon!

Lots of temporary tattoo products:
 Face Tattoos in 6 designs- $4.99
 Eye Tattoos in 6 designs - $2.99
~the upper left one has 4 different "eye liner tattoos"
~the rest are "eye shadow tattoos"
 Face & Body Tattoos - $2.99
~top row are Face & Body tattoos
~bottom row are Moustache tattoos
 Frightening Lashes by Ardell in 6 designs - $4.19 
~aren't the Dial pumpkin soaps ($3.29) cute?
Temporary Hair Color - $3.99 (I'm assuming both products are the same price)
~4 colors of Colored Hair Spray
~2 colors of Colored Hair Gel

The lash display is the one display from this post that I might consider raiding (especially when Halloween makeup sales start and/or on clearance).  The Mister and I keep talking about how we should go out together once in a while together - other than just phoning in a to-go order and him driving me to run into the restaurant to pick it up.

If you'd like to see what products Kiss put out, click here to go to the post.
If you'd like to see the 2013 Pumpkin polishes and even more Fright Night products, click here.

Are you into the temporary face and/or body tattoos?  Or maybe the hair spray or gel?  Planning on getting anything?

**no products purchased

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