Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sinful Colors Diamond Lust...a few

**all items purchased by me

Today I've got a quick little pair of hauls all around one collection of polish that came out earlier this year - Sinful Colors Diamond Lust.  These actually came out sometime in April, but I never rushed to get the whole collection since they had more of these than what's in the usual countertop displays.  But, late last week at the Walgreens I normally go to, I noticed that the side-panel thing that these were in was gone (it may have disappeared well before that).  However, at a different Walgreens, the side-panel thing is still there.  So if you wanted these but didn't get them when they were fresh, you might still stumble across them.  As for me, I'm thinking if I want anymore I need to get my self back to that other Walgreens and get them while I can.  I'd say that these didn't sell as quickly because they were priced at $2.99, rather than the usual $1.99, and they were excluded from sales/promotions being run at various times.

So let's get started with just a little portion of the display (wish I had gotten a better one, but it does show all the colors):
As you can see, there are/were 8 different shades  If I remember right, the bottom row was all topcoats
I only bought 3 total (so far, but I may go back...if I do then I'll do a second part with swatches of all I have).  

The first one that I bought:
Shine On Me
~looks like maybe 2 shades of pink diamonds, as well as some holo micro glitter thrown in~

And for the other 2 that I purchased another day:
 Watch It Shine and Scene Stealer
~Watch It Shine is more of a grayed-silver holographic diamonds with micro shimmer
~Scene Stealer is more on the raspberry-red/pink side with the diamonds and some golden reflective shimmer...maybe some red shimmer as well

If I want the whole collection, I'd be purchasing 5 more.  But I do know that at least a couple of the Pure Ice polishes I have include diamond shaped glitter as well, so I may need to take a swatch wheel with me to do some swatch-to-bottle comparisons in store to make sure I don't have something that is essentially the same.

Did you get any of the Diamond Lust glitter toppers when they originally came out?  What would you pair these with?  And if you know if any of these are dupes to Pure Ice, then do let me know!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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  1. Where oh where did you find these? I have been looking for them just recently and I have gone to about 15 different walgreens. Cannot find them. :(

    1. I picked these up back in April and May when they first came out at Walgreens. It seemed like they were around all summer but have disappeared from most stores in the last few weeks.