Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pumpkin Polish Swatches - Part 1!

**all items purchased by me

A while ago when I did my Spotted post on the Pumpkin polishes, I mentioned that I wanted to swatch all my Pumpkins soon.  Don't tell, but that idea actually formed around this time last year!  Well, I finally got around to following through.  I did a few a couple weeks ago and stuck them in a folder, then today when I saw some sun was peeking through all the cloudiness I went on a swatching spree!  I don't think I've ever swatched so many polishes in one sitting...make that I know I've never.  Looking at all of them, I'm going to break this up into 2 posts - today's with the actual pumpkin shaped bottles, and the next will be with the set of minis I bought last year (that were the same colors as some of the pumpkins).

I numbered the bottle shots that I took while at Rite Aid and have matched them up with what I believe are the same polishes that are already in my stash.

number 1 
Black hex glitters with holographic moons
every moon had to be fished out, and it took 2 coats to get the amount of black; 
one coat is shown on my thumb
~Sinful Colors Clementine~
number 2 
Orange hex and bar glitters
to get a more even coat, for each nail I swirled the brush in the bottle before applying then spread carefully
~OPI Just a Little Rosti at This~

This is the one Pumpkin I've bought this year (so far):
number 3
Medium lavender and bright blurple hex glitter
1 generous coat
~ Forever 21/Love & Beauty Grey~

 And don't mind that this one is actually in a Snowman bottle, but he's been released this year as a Pumpkin:
number 4
multi colored small hex glitter - yellow, blue, green, silver, orange, magenta
2 coats
~OPI Stranger Tides~
number 7 
fairly equal amount of shiny orange and black medium length bar glitters
this is 2 coats, also using the same swirling dip method as described above
~Revlon (top speed) Electric~

Not in the display this year:
 Mainly tiny silver hex glitter with larger black hexes thrown in
this was roughly 2 coats to get a nice glitter spread with enough black
~Sinful Colors Clementine~
~if you want to see it over Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar, click here and scroll down a bit (from 2 years ago)~

Looking at all of my Pumpkins/Snowman polishes that are in the round bottles as well as the mini set I have from last year, I'd say I do not have polish number 6 - the black and holographic glitter.  Pumpkins number 5 and 8 will be coming up in the next part, along with some more that might not have come out (as far as I know), but they will be in the mini sized bottles.

I like how for all of the swatching I did today, I didn't over-think what colors to use as the base polishes.  The only one I didn't like on the first try was the Snowman - that try didn't get beyond my pinkie so you're seeing the second combination I came up with.

Out of all these polishes, I'd have to say that if you want an easier-to-apply glitter, skip the moons and the orange/black bar glitters.  Those 2 were a true pain to apply.  The rest weren't too bad.  All of the Pumpkins do have a stronger polish odor than those of other brands.  I've only ever seen the Pumpkin polishes at Rite Aid for $3.99 each.

edit:  Don't you love how you did something a long time ago and don't remember doing it?  Ummm, yeah that's me right now.  I was looking for another older post and came across this one where I've already swatched on a wheel the mini set I bought.  I'm still going to re-post with, hopefully, better pictures and showing them over base colors.

Have you bought any Pumpkin polishes this year?  Or how about last year?  What base colors would you pair all these glitters with?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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