Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the Limelight...I'm Not Lion

**all items purchased by me

I guess that when I'm feeling extremely unfocused I go to a polish post, which is perfectly alright.  Especially since I'm still working through the ABC challenge...which leads me to today's post.  The next letter in the polish challenge is...
Of course, I used a ridge filling base coat to start off.  Then I added 2 nice coats of Color Club In the Limelight.  I just have a mini bottle, which I bought in a 4-pack much earlier this year from TJ Maxx.  You even get to see my little hand-written label.  I topped this off with China Glaze Fast Forward.
Just like in the haul post and when I wore one of his buddies, this was a booger to photograph.  It kept going too dark so I tried to correct it so it looked close...  Anyway, In the Limelight applied pretty easily as long as I waited a minute or so between the first and second coats to prevent dragging.  I'm trying to get better at not rushing through nail-painting-time.  I definitely appreciate that the mini bottles of Color Club have nice brushes, unlike some others.  In the Limelight is a pretty blurple creme polish.  Now that I'm thinking about it, I think that if you had enough polish on the brush, one coat might have been opaque enough.
And for my second polish, I pulled out China Glaze I'm Not Lion from the On Safari collection.  I free-handed on a diagonal "color block" in just 1 coat.  I did end up adding a top coat after a day to make it last longer, but my pictures are before that.
I'm Not Lion is a gorgeous packed holographic and brushed silver shimmery glitter polish in a clear base.  I think I remember reading it could be built up to opacity in just 2 or 3 coats, but I loved the way it looked with some of the base color peeking through.  The brush behaved perfectly for free-handing and it dried quickly with no glitter pieces hanging off the edge of the nail.  
This might be one of the first China Glaze polishes which I paid full (Sally's card) price for
 Look, I've got a picture of me standing by the sunny window!! 
(can you tell sunshine is hit & miss where I live?)
~this is showing the color of In the Limelight best~
~I just wish that I'm Not Lion had showed up as sparkly/holographic-y as in real life~

This is probably one of my favorite looks that I've done recently.

Did you get I'm Not Lion when it was available?  What else would you pair it with?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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