Monday, September 16, 2013

High on Hope

**all items purchased by me

Ever have one of those days where you just can't focus on anything?  Yeah...that's today.  Yesterday I had orders from the Mister to stay under blankets all day and rest since I just couldn't get warm enough and I was having day 2 of a headache originating behind my eyes.  Hopefully with a full day's rest, I've gotten whatever that was out of my system.  And today I'm just all over the place with trying to get anything done.  I'm trying to get re-inspired for crafts, especially with Halloween coming up, so that means that I've been hooked on Pinterest today looking for inspiration.  Anyway...enough of all that.  Let's move on to the polish for today, which just happens to be the next letter in the ABC polish challenge.

I got out my Orly High on Hope polish from the Spring 2013 Hope and Freedom collection and put on 2 coats over a ridge-filling base coat.  I believe I used China Glaze Fast Forward for my top coat.  I have to say that this polish was very hard to get to photograph, so there's only one decent picture of it plain.
Orly High on Hope is a pretty, nicely saturated medium blue with magenta shimmer running through (which is camera shy).  I didn't have any application issues and was able to a get nice opaque coverage in 2 coats.  One coat may work as well if you use a thicker coat.  It did photograph a bit darker than it was in real life.  I bought High on Hope on clearance from Sally's Beauty Supply.

I knew I wanted something glittery to accent the shimmer running through High on Hope so I dug and dug through my polishes.  I didn't come up with any magenta glitters starting with H in the section that I've been using so I had to go through more drawers.  I finally came across a Snowman polish that I thought would work quite nicely.  I did a quick gradient using the polish brush on my thumbs and ring fingers.

This Snowman has a clear base loaded with lots of magenta fine glitter.  I think there's also a touch of silver (and maybe another shade of pink or purple) as well.  It applied pretty easily, although the scent is stronger than main-stream brands.  It also dried pretty quickly and smoothly.  side note: snowman are very hard to hold for my "bottle shot" pictures...
 we had sunshine the next day!!

Even though it's only September, a Snowman has appeared on my blog (agh!!)  If this little guy makes an appearance in the Snowman displays at Rite Aid this year, then you will have already gotten to see what he looks like.

What would you pair with High on Hope as a sparkly/glittery accent?

**all items purchased by me
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