Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Grape Gumball Glitterati

**all items purchased by me
Time for another edition of my ABC polish challenge!  We're up to posting letter "G;" in real life I'm up to letter "I."  I'm behind in getting these posted, what can I say?

Today's polish is one that I kept seeing in the drawer and going Oh I wanna wear that soon!  So what color did I finally get on my nails?  Finger Paints Grape Gumball.  2 coats of it.  I did notice that the first coat dragged a touch if I went over the same spot more than once, but the second coat fixed it all up.  My coats were closer to being medium thick this time as well, but no issue with controlling the brush or it not fanning out.  Of course, I used a ridge-filling base coat under and a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward on top to make things go quicker since, as usual, I polished at night.
upper picture is under my normal light; lower is standing by the window
Finger Paints Grape Gumball is a pretty periwinkle purpley-blue.  I'm in love with all the shimmer that's running through it, even if the actual colors of the shimmer are being camera shy.  This pretty came out in the 2012 Gumdrops & Lollipops Spring Collection.  Even though I never found it when it was first out in the display, I did end up finding mine on clearance a while later.

And then I needed to pick out a second polish for the accent.  I added this glitter the next day (I waited so I could try to capture the Grape Gumball shimmer in some sunshine).  I ended up contrasting a bit...or maybe I was trying to accent the pink colored shimmer.  Anyway, the pretty glitter is from Icing and it's called Glitterati.
Icing Glitterati is a clear based polish that is pretty well loaded with magenta/fuchsia pink hex glitter and rainbow holographic mini glitter.  This topper applied so easily, with just minimal adjustments needed to get the hex glitters evenly spread around.  I have to say, this made my mani quite distracting while driving!
I ended up totally loving this combo!  I wish it had lasted longer, but washing dishes ended its life early.

I can't wait to wear Glitterati again at some point - what other colors would you put it over?  Do you buy polishes from Icing?  What's your favorite glitter topper?

**all items purchased by me
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