Thursday, September 5, 2013

French Affair with Fools Gold

**all items purchased by me
Time for the letter "F" for my ABC polish challenge!

For today's letter, I started off with a base of ridge filler (of course) and then put 2 coats of Essie French Affair.  I topped that off with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.
Essie French Affair is a nice bubblegum pink creme.  It does look a bit thick and slightly uneven/streaky on the nail... As usual with Essie, I used medium-thick coats rather than thin since that method tends to work out better for me with the Essie formula/brush; otherwise I get frustrated with the sheerness and end up with dragging on subsequent coats.  I've decided that I don't really enjoy using Essie's brush - I seem to prefer a brush like OPI's Pro-Wide brush.  Unless I come across a really unique color in an Essie collection, or it's on clearance, I don't see myself purchasing any more Essie polishes, especially at full price.
I was going to stop there, but I've been enjoying pushing myself to use 2 polishes as often as possible in this challenge, so I pulled out another polish I had originally considered on its own but changed my mind on.  I decided that it would be the perfect accent.  So once French Affair was all dry, I free-handed on chevron tips (2 coats) in Jesse's Girl Fools Gold.  After I thought it was dry, I put on a coat of Wet 'n Wild Fast Dry Clear Coat to smooth everything down, but it actually ended up picking up some of the gold foil particles and gave the pink a nice gold glow, which I ended up loving the way it looked.  We'll just say I planned that.  lol
Jesse's Girl Fools Gold is a nice bright shimmery metallic gold.  The opacity was actually pretty good covering over the pink - I was almost able to just use one coat.  The brush was easy to control so I had to do minimal cleanup when I was done.  I'm definitely happy I picked this up from Rite Aid when I stumbled across it on clearance last year (or maybe the year before - I don't really remember for sure now).  As you can see from the sticker, I only paid $.74 for it!  I can see myself potentially reaching for this gold a lot more in the Fall since it seems to be a perfect color for then.

Let's see...I'm 6 letters in and I've used 11 untried polishes.  Not bad!  20 letters to go so let's see how many more untrieds I can get through.  Oh, one more thing.  For this challenge, I mentally divided my challenge into 3 sections, so I might end up revisiting this challenge again in the future using a different section, but I'm also thinking I want to do some other themes as well (like a matte week, texture week, etc...).

What do you think of my pink and gold chevron mani?

**all items purchased by me
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