Monday, September 30, 2013

Multiple Summer Mini Hauls from Walgreens & Rite Aid!

**all items purchased by me

Time to share some more shopping that I did during middle to late summer.  Man, am I behind or what?  I guess that I just got so caught up in doing Spotted, Hauled & Swatched posts while they were relevant that ones that weren't full collections got forgotten about in the folders. I've got pretties that I picked up during a couple trips to Walgreens and 1 to Rite Aid (all sprinkled throughout the season).

First let's see what I got from Walgreens back in July (oops):
 I spotted the Fergie 2013 limited edition collection at a Walgreens I really don't go to often shortly after watching a video featuring one of the glosses from the display, so I had to pick it up...and I found a new set of EcoTools brushes (and they were on sale!):
EcoTools 6 piece Day-to-Night Clutch set  
Wet 'n Wild Fergie Perfect Pout Lip Gloss in Hot, Hot, Haute
 close-up of brush heads while still in packaging
~this ended up being not as pigmented as I was hoping...I have such a hard time getting glosses to show up like what shows in the packaging~

Now let's jump ahead to the middle of August when I was probably looking for new/limited edition collections and coming up a bit short.  Instead, I finally got one fun thing and one makeup item:
Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil in 01 Eternal White
~I believe it's supposed to be a dupe to Nyx's Jumbo pencil in Milk
~I'm hoping that it's formula is like it's sister company, Milani's, since those wear better than the 2 I got from L.A. Colors a while ago

And now let's go see what I bought from Rite Aid back around the beginning of September:
 Sinful Colors in Skylark and Graine De Poivre
~both limited edition~
~this is also when I spotted all the Pumpkin Polishes and bought one 
(probably why this particular store's haul didn't get posted closer to when it happened)~

If you just look at the amount of items I bought and featured in this post, it doesn't look like I bought much during the summer season, but if you see how many other hauls, and especially the Spotted, Hauled & Swatched posts, I definitely did some serious shopping.  At least I can say that the majority of what I purchase is drugstore pricing, although that seems to be slowly changing since skincare that I've purchased from the drugstores doesn't seem to work well with my skin any more...and it sure is fun playing in all the higher-end pretties at Ulta.  

See anything here that you have and enjoy?  Is your makeup or polish collection made up of more drugstore items or higher end?

**all items purchased by me
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Stash Sharing - Orly Polishes

**all items purchased by me

Time for another edition of Sunday Stash Sharing!  This morning I decided to do the rest of the Flash Glam FX glitter polishes I have from Orly, but then as I looked through my stash this evening I decided to add some more to it so I wouldn't be sharing Orly polishes for the next month.  This is about half of the Orly's that I haven't shared yet.  The polishes that I've worn and posted have links so you can see what I paired them with.  EDIT: This is Part One.

So first up is the rest of the Flash Glam FX polishes I have (I showed the other 3 in last Sunday's post):
 Atomic Splash, Can't Be Tamed, Mermaid Tale and Watch It Glitter
~I bought these last year from Sally's but Ulta does still carry the line~
~these are all in a clear base~

Now for the pretties I have from the 2012 Naughty or Nice Holiday collection:
 Angel Eyes, Halo and Miss Conduct
~Angel Eyes and Halo are glitter toppers~

Next up are the 2 I have from the 2012 Dark Shadows collection:
 Buried Alive and Mysterious Curse

And 2 miscellaneous polishes:
 Glitz and Twilight
~I think Glitz is possibly Glitz & Glamour from the 2010 Tis the Season Holiday collection
~I haven't been able to pinpoint when Twilight came out (maybe Holiday 2011??)
~Twilight is a sheer topper~

As of right now, I'm planning on posting the rest of my Orly collection next Sunday...unless I get distracted by some other group in the meantime.  I can't believe that there's only 3 months left to the year and I am no where near having shared all of my collection (is that a hint to myself that I should stop buying polishes?...nah).

Did you purchase any of the ones I have?  What would you pair the glitter or sheer polishes with?  And of course, let me know if you'd like to see any of these on my nails soon!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Late Summer Collective Polish Haul!

**all items purchased by me

I went back and forth on what to post today, and I finally decided to post all the polishes that I bought from the local beauty supply store during July, August and September.  I bought all of these from there since they have the best prices on OPI, China Glaze and Color Club (as well as Essie and Zoya).  I figured I might as well get these all shared while I (im)patiently wait for them to get in the latest release of Zoya PixieDusts, China Glaze Halloween and now OPI's massive holiday collection.  Of course, now if I get fed up waiting, I can drive just a couple of minutes over to Ulta (or Sally's for China Glaze)...might have to pay more, but at least I have the possibility.

So first thing, I came across an older bottle of cuticle oil in the cabinet that I had actually dropped and it broke - darn glass bottles get so slippery after rubbing oil into your cuticles, but I managed to save the majority of the oil so I finally remembered to get an empty bottle to decant it into.
My next trip a week later (I believe I was looking for the OPI San Francisco collection that they hadn't gotten in yet), I remembered to get an empty polish bottle (I want to try that Elmer's white glue as a base coat for glitters) and OPI Liquid Sand in Vesper on clearance for $.99
Another week later (and still looking for the San Francisco collection) I came across this bottle of Glints Of Glinda from OPI on clearance for $.99
Next trip, they finally had the Liquid Sand portion of the San Francisco collection in (came in separate from the rest).  I decided just to get 2 (at first):
 Alcatraz...Rocks and Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!
And finally, around the beginning of September, I had seen some swatches of Color Club and China Glaze polishes that I wanted to look for, and I decided to get the 3rd Liquid Sand:
Color Club Williamsburg, China Glaze Rendezvous With You
OPI Liquid Sand It's All San Andreas's Fault
~Color Club Williamsburg is from the Fall 2013 Girl About Town
~China Glaze Rendezvous With You is from the Fall 2013 Autumn Nights collection
~OPI It's All San Andreas's Fault is from the Fall 2013 San Francisco collection

I believe this gets me all caught up with my recent "salon brand" purchases.  I can say that I've been good and not been there since the last purchase - instead, I'm stalking their Facebook page waiting for any kind of update...but I'm thinking I might go there soon just to look around since the owner isn't always on top of making arrival announcements.

Do you have any of the polishes that I've got in my haul today?  Any you'd like to see on the nail sooner rather than later?  Do let me know!

**all items purchased by me
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Friday, September 27, 2013

New Wish List!

**no items purchased (yet)

I keep getting sent to bed to rest by the Mister (I actually got in trouble the other day for being in my desk chair rather than the bed) so since I really dislike editing pictures on my Surface Pro, I thought I'd share some of the things that are on my shopping list.

First up, recently one of the employees at Ulta recommended I try the Smashbox Hydrating Perfecting Powder, so if I do, why not try it in the kit?
Try It Kit: BB + Halo (picture from Ulta)
The same employee also really...ahem..."twisted my arm" into wanting to also jump into the world of Top Faced eye shadows with this palette:
Top Faced Pretty Rebel Eye Collection (picture from Ulta)
~I've also seen several YouTube videos featuring this palette as well that have also convinced me

I also still have a couple palettes from Urban Decay on my wish list (Smoked palette, Theodora Oz palette...still trying to decide if I want one of the Naked palettes and if I do then which one?)
And of course, the thought of a foundation air-brush machine is still floating around in my head from the last time I did a post like this.
I'm also still trying to find that perfect-for-me undereye cream that diminishes dark circles and is hydrating enough without causing issues.
As far as skincare, I've been watching QVC too much lately because I would love to try (and hopefully love) this device from NuFACE (Trinity At-Home Microcurrent Facial Toning Device).  But man is this baby pricey!
As for polishes, of course I'm adding holiday collection polishes to my list, but I haven't seen enough swatches from those that have received PR samples yet (and I'm still waiting for the local beauty supply to get in the last group of PixieDust polishes.
What kind of items are on your wish list?  Do you have any of the items on my wish list?  If you do, do you recommend them?
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pumpkin Polish Swatches - Part 2 - 2012 Mini Set

**all items purchased by me

It's time to get Part 2 of the Pumpkin polish swatches up!  This is a set of 5 minis that coordinated/matched some of the Pumpkins that came out for Halloween 2012.  A couple of these have reappeared this year in the Pumpkin shaped bottles - as of now, I haven't seen any mini sets.
 Let's get started!
Orange and black bar glitter (medium length), small orange hex glitters and super fine orange shimmer in clear base
~2 coats
~Essie Good as Gold~
~2 shades of pink and silver glitter that are fairly fine in clear base
~1 easy coat
~Sally Hansen CSM Bewitched (l.e.)~
~I believe this one is back in the 2013 display~
~Bright blue and magenta hex glitters in clear base
~1 easy coat
 ~Hard Candy Sky (discontinued)~
~I believe this one is also back in the 2013 display~
~purple and blue-purple (violet?) hex glitters in clear base
~1 coat (thin on pinkie, thicker on rest)
~Sinful Colors Beverly Hills~
~slightly different from the purple glitter in the 2013 display~
~sheer hot pink jelly with iridescent hex glitters and micro-fine shimmers
 ~2 coats
~Love & Beauty/Forever 21 Nude

That completes my Pumpkin polish collection for swatching, but I do have a few more of the "specialty" brand polishes that came out for Halloween.  If I continue swatching Halloween-timed polishes, then I'll certainly post them.  I've got a couple of Wet 'n Wild's tombstone polishes, as well as some in coffin-shaped bottles from Fright Night Claw Polish, and I think some City Color polishes that came out for Halloween as well.

If you'd like to see part 1 of the Pumpkins swatches, then click here.
If you'd like to see today's polishes swatched on the nail wheel with no base colors, then click here.

I purchased all my Pumpkin polishes from Rite Aid.

Do any of these glitters remind you of ones from other brands?  What would you layer them over?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sinful Colors Diamond Lust...a few

**all items purchased by me

Today I've got a quick little pair of hauls all around one collection of polish that came out earlier this year - Sinful Colors Diamond Lust.  These actually came out sometime in April, but I never rushed to get the whole collection since they had more of these than what's in the usual countertop displays.  But, late last week at the Walgreens I normally go to, I noticed that the side-panel thing that these were in was gone (it may have disappeared well before that).  However, at a different Walgreens, the side-panel thing is still there.  So if you wanted these but didn't get them when they were fresh, you might still stumble across them.  As for me, I'm thinking if I want anymore I need to get my self back to that other Walgreens and get them while I can.  I'd say that these didn't sell as quickly because they were priced at $2.99, rather than the usual $1.99, and they were excluded from sales/promotions being run at various times.

So let's get started with just a little portion of the display (wish I had gotten a better one, but it does show all the colors):
As you can see, there are/were 8 different shades  If I remember right, the bottom row was all topcoats
I only bought 3 total (so far, but I may go back...if I do then I'll do a second part with swatches of all I have).  

The first one that I bought:
Shine On Me
~looks like maybe 2 shades of pink diamonds, as well as some holo micro glitter thrown in~

And for the other 2 that I purchased another day:
 Watch It Shine and Scene Stealer
~Watch It Shine is more of a grayed-silver holographic diamonds with micro shimmer
~Scene Stealer is more on the raspberry-red/pink side with the diamonds and some golden reflective shimmer...maybe some red shimmer as well

If I want the whole collection, I'd be purchasing 5 more.  But I do know that at least a couple of the Pure Ice polishes I have include diamond shaped glitter as well, so I may need to take a swatch wheel with me to do some swatch-to-bottle comparisons in store to make sure I don't have something that is essentially the same.

Did you get any of the Diamond Lust glitter toppers when they originally came out?  What would you pair these with?  And if you know if any of these are dupes to Pure Ice, then do let me know!

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just a Little Rosti at This...Just Busta Mauve

**all items purchased by me

I'm really trying to be better at sprinkling in my ABC nail challenge posts along with all the others that I do, so that it doesn't look like all I do is go shopping.  I really do use the products that I buy, even if it takes me a while.  Anyway, let's see 2 more polishes that I pulled for the next letter in the alphabet, letter "J."
It took me a bit to think of any polishes I had that start with J, but when I looked through an out-dated list in my notebook, I came across 2 that just happened to be in the section of polishes I've been working out of for this challenge.  Then once I pulled them out to use, it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to incorporate the two of them together...

To start off, I put 2 very easy coats of OPI Just a Little Rosti at This on over my usual ridge-filling base coat, then topped it off with Out the Door top coat.  Fun fact:  this is one of the very first OPI polishes that I purchased, and I got it on clearance from the grocery store for $.99
OPI Just a Little Rosti at This is a gorgeous brownish red creme.  It applied extremely easy, with minimal cleanup needed.  I used 2 coats here, but if you use more of a medium-thick coat you only need one.  One coat is what I used when I used it as a base for a Pumpkin polish the other day (link is below the next picture if you want to see).
You can also see Just a Little Rosti at This as a base for orange glitter, in filtered sunlight, in this post.

By the time I finally decided on how I wanted to wear my second polish, my pinkie and ring fingers ended up with way too much polish on, but I didn't feel like starting over so I just kept layering polish on.  FYI: Just a Little Rosti at This seemed to darken with more layers.  I ended up doing what seems to be a reoccurring theme with me - diagonal color blocking.  This is 2 coats of Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve free-handed on.  I'm pretty sure I used another layer of Out the Door since there's so many layers on because of my indecisiveness and unwillingness to start over.
Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve is a sheer polish made up of blue, red, maybe some orange/rust colored shimmers...however you describe it, it's pretty.  It really reminds me of Fall time, which is appropriate given as how it's towards the end of September.  I'm not going to comment as to how fast it dried since I had way too many layers of polish on at this point.

Here's a picture of Just Busta Mauve on it's own from just about a year ago.  4 coats; yes, it's that sheer:
I bought it, wore it but never blogged it.  Oops.  I believe I purchased it from Target when it came out.
Since I never blogged it, I counted it as an untried.

What's your favorite way to do glitters/layering polishes?  Are you starting to transition to more Fall-type colors?

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Sinful Colors Leather Luxe Collection

**all items purchased by me

Time to get another edition of Spotted, Hauled & Swatched up.  Even thought I bought these last month, Walgreens still had a display of them out (or at least the one I normally go to does).  I believe these are a Walgreens exclusive and are the regular $1.99 each (unless you catch them on sale for either 2 for $3 or $.99).

As usual, let's get started with the display picture.  Now the display is 9 slots wide, but there are only 7 shades; the other 2 slots are for the clear topcoat.
All lined up at home:
Whipped, Laced Up, Cold Leather, Strapped, Get It On, My Turn, Leather Loose

We must have bottle and label shots (same order as above):

Now for swatches:

Whipped, Laced Up, Cold Leather, Strapped, Get It On, My Turn, Leather Loose

  • Whipped, Strapped and Leather Loose are 2 coats
  • Laced Up, Cold Leather, Get It On and My Turn are 1(!) coat
  • They seemed to go on smoother when I used medium-thick coats for swatches
  • Leather Loose is the only non-creme polish; it's loaded with micro-fine coppery shimmer which makes this one glow
  • Laced Up, Cold Leather, Strapped and Get It On all photographed brighter in the bottom swatch picture than what they are in person (the display picture up top is actually most color-correct)
  • All the polishes quickly dry to a matte finish, so if you like the color but prefer shiny, top coat is a must
If I could only have one out of all these, my pick would be Leather Loose since it is so different (right now, I can't think of if I have a shiny version of it in my collection or not).  I haven't tested them for wear time yet, but I'm hopeful for a good wear time.

Did you get any of the Leather Luxe polishes from Walgreens?  Do you like matte finish polish, or do you prefer shiny?  Can you think of a shiny version of Leather Loose?  Let me know if you'd like to see any of these on the nails soon!! Or with a top coat...

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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