Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spotted - Kiss Halloween 2013 Collection

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It's that fun time of year when the masses of Halloween displays start popping up at the drugstores!  Rite Aid always seems to be the first store to start putting out displays, and this year is no different.  I thought today I would just show the products/displays that I've seen from Kiss then do Fantasy Makers (by Wet 'n Wild) and Fright Night in their own upcoming posts.

The first display is of "Lip Dress" and "Eye Tattoo":
I just noticed in my picture that there's 2 of the leopard print lip dress so I'm not sure if there's actually a second eye tattoo design and the lip dress is just in the wrong spot.  Both products are $2.99.
UPDATED picture - 2 eye patterns and 2 lip patterns

On to the nail stuff!
Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers in 6 designs - $6.99
top row: 59812 cats, moons and stars, 59813 spiders and webs on black, 59814 red corset
bottom row: 59815 vampire teeth and blood drips/spots, 59816 glowing jack-o-lanterns on red-orange, 59817 zippers with skulls as zipper pulls on black

 imPRESS press-on manicure in 6 designs - $7.99
 top row: (1) red roses on black french tips, (2) black spider webs with white spiders on black french tips, (3) bats, trees, skull and crossbones, spiders and webs and tree on candy corn background
bottom row: (1) spiders and webs on orange or black nails (same design as the far right of top row), (2) metallic blue and black with zippers, (3) and "blood" splattered on white with black crosses

I have tried imPRESS nails before and I did like the wear time on them (click here for my review on the ones I received free from Influenster a while back).  If I caught those on sale, I might consider some of the designs.  I have a package of the Nail Dress but haven't actually tried them so I have no idea what the potential wear time could be.

Do you see anything you want to get?  Look for the Fright Night and Fantasy Makers posts coming up soon!

For the Fright Night 2013 release, click here.
For the Pumpkin polish 2013 release, click here.

**no products purchased

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