Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daisy Does It

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I'm going to try to get back into this, again.  We got back from our trip late last night (after 3:00 a.m.), then I had to literally turn right around and take our Kitty to the ER vet since his paw was all swollen up when we got home.  The vet thinks that he managed to get a soft tissue injury and gave him an anti-inflammatory, but today it's looking worse so tomorrow I've got to try to get him to his regular vet for some more investigating on what's going on.  At least we have some pain meds to give him for now.  Not the best way to end a trip...
Anyway, let's got on to something more blog-related.  I've got the next letter in the ABC Polish Challenge to share with you - letter D.  The polish that I picked is Color Club Daisy Does It.  But I did have to cheat and give it some undies - 2 coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Beige Blast (no picture).  This is just one coat of Daisy Does It, but I probably could have used 2 to get it a bit more even looking and vibrant.  I did top this with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.
salon lighting and by the window

I put this on just a couple of hours before my hair appointment last Friday and somehow got a corner smudged, but oh well.  Not every mani can look perfect.  I only managed to get a couple of pictures while I was waiting my turn at the salon - and I got so busy when I got home in preparation for our trip that I never got any bottle shots or pictures in my regular lighting, either.

Daisy Does It is from the summer 2012 Take Wing collection.  Daisy is a sheer (very sheer) yellow loaded with glass flecks (according to Scrangie, these are "iridescent yellow, gold and green/blue duochrome glass fleck shimmer") that look so pretty when the light hits it just right.  When I was deciding what "D" polish I wanted, I tested this on my bare nail and it would need at least 4 coats to become mostly opaque.  But I wanted to use it - it is still summer according to the calendar - so I elected to use a beige under it to cut down on the building up it would require on its own.

Did you get any colors from the Take Wing collection last year?

If you want to see some cuteness, Kitty was feeling like curling up in the sink at the vet while we waited.  The vet nurse kept telling him he was funny since rather than hiding he was chilling in the sink.

**all items purchased by me
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