Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spotted - Kiss Halloween 2013 Collection

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It's that fun time of year when the masses of Halloween displays start popping up at the drugstores!  Rite Aid always seems to be the first store to start putting out displays, and this year is no different.  I thought today I would just show the products/displays that I've seen from Kiss then do Fantasy Makers (by Wet 'n Wild) and Fright Night in their own upcoming posts.

The first display is of "Lip Dress" and "Eye Tattoo":
I just noticed in my picture that there's 2 of the leopard print lip dress so I'm not sure if there's actually a second eye tattoo design and the lip dress is just in the wrong spot.  Both products are $2.99.
UPDATED picture - 2 eye patterns and 2 lip patterns

On to the nail stuff!
Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers in 6 designs - $6.99
top row: 59812 cats, moons and stars, 59813 spiders and webs on black, 59814 red corset
bottom row: 59815 vampire teeth and blood drips/spots, 59816 glowing jack-o-lanterns on red-orange, 59817 zippers with skulls as zipper pulls on black

 imPRESS press-on manicure in 6 designs - $7.99
 top row: (1) red roses on black french tips, (2) black spider webs with white spiders on black french tips, (3) bats, trees, skull and crossbones, spiders and webs and tree on candy corn background
bottom row: (1) spiders and webs on orange or black nails (same design as the far right of top row), (2) metallic blue and black with zippers, (3) and "blood" splattered on white with black crosses

I have tried imPRESS nails before and I did like the wear time on them (click here for my review on the ones I received free from Influenster a while back).  If I caught those on sale, I might consider some of the designs.  I have a package of the Nail Dress but haven't actually tried them so I have no idea what the potential wear time could be.

Do you see anything you want to get?  Look for the Fright Night and Fantasy Makers posts coming up soon!

For the Fright Night 2013 release, click here.
For the Pumpkin polish 2013 release, click here.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Spotted, Hauled, & Swatched - China Glaze On the Horizon

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Time for another installment of Spotted, Hauled & Swatched!  This time it's China Glaze On the Horizon collection, which is made up of 6 "feathered" polishes - multiple colors of short matte bar glitters in a clear base.  The first I heard of this collection was actually in an issue of Nail It Magazine that I had bought in June.  I've noticed from reading many posts about these (as well as the Sally Hansen version) that this trend is very touchy - you either love it or you hate it.  I'm just short of loving it...done with the proper color underneath, I love it but worn on its own, not so much.  I ended up buying mine a couple at a time, for a total of 3 different purchases over the month of August.

As usual, we'll get started with a picture of the display at Sally's Beauty Supply:

 Bottle and label shots (I bought these 3 first):
1275 Party Fowl, 1276 Flock Together and 1277 Flying South

This is the second purchase that I made from the collection:
1273 Light As A Feather

And I figured since I had already bought 4 of the collection, then I might as well get the last 2:
1272 You're A Hoot and 1274 All A Flutter

Swatches are necessary in this type of post:
 All A Flutter, You're A Hoot, Light As A Feather, Flying South, Flock Together, 
Party Fowl
~these are all roughly 1 coat (a couple of dips into the bottle to make one coat)
~I did notice that the brush doesn't spread out hardly at all when applying, which necessitated more than one trip into the bottle
~Flying South has a bonus!  Firey shiny red-orange super fine shimmer running through the clear base
~All A Flutter dries the most matte - even the base looks like it dried matte
~the rest are all matte glitter in a clear, shiny-drying base
~these do dry with some texture, but topcoat would smooth it out; you might need to layers of topcoat for smoothness
~I did notice that when I swatched these on the wrong nail wheel (oops), they were about impossible to get off after just a few minutes so these could be perfect for when you really need your mani to last for a while.

At the couple of Sally's locations I've been to recently, these are selling out quite quickly.  In fact, the last 2 I purchased, I got from the local beauty supply store (where they were also $.50 cheaper than Sally's Beauty Club price).  These actually aren't that far off from the price of the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats depending on where you buy the Fuzzy polishes from, but none of the shades are duplicates between these 2 brands.

Do you like the feathered/fuzzy polish trend?  What would you layer under these to really make them "shine"?  As much as I love all the different types of glitters (and I have tons), I have a hard time deciding on base colors to wear under them...

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elsbeth's Rose..Excuse Moi!

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2 posts in one day?!  Yep!!  Time for another ABC challenge post!  I feel like I'm going through this challenge so slowly (especially since a couple weekends I wore whatever I felt like for traveling).  At least I'm trying to stick with it, even if I am taking my time since my current preference is to wear my manis until they chip off.  I do have to say that I'm quite disappointed in the wear time of today's mani... so I'll soon be moving on to my next letter.

Today is letter "E" so I pulled out Orly Elsbeth's Rose.  I did 2 tempermental coats of Elsbeth's Rose over a ridge filling base coat.   I finished it off with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward.
Orly Elsbeth's Rose is a nice medium pink creme polish, but at least my bottle has some issues...
I think that my bottle needs some thinner put in since it went on kind of thick and goopy.  Even though there was enough opacity at one coat, I ended up needing the second to try to even it out as much as I could. After putting on a coat of Fast Forward, this was, surpisingly, completely dry in about 20 minutes...I figured I'd have some smudged nails this morning but nope.  The issue I did have was really crappy wear time.  I put this on around 1:30 a.m. and by 4:15 p.m. it was already flaking off some of the corners of my nails.  That sucks.  Oh, I only paid $1 for this at Big Lots last year.

So today when I got home from running around, I finished my nails with a gradient from the tips using OPI Excuse Moi! so that I could disguise the chips.  And I used another coat of Fast Forward to make it all smooth.
OPI Excuse Moi! is a sheer raspberry and gold shimmer base that's loaded up with small hex glitters that are kind of hard to identify - I see green and pink/red but it also looks like they shift colors to holographic.  All I know is, it's pretty.  I kind of wish I would have worn this over something else, maybe a neutral, so it could have shined all on it's own.  Oh, well.  There's always another time.  I bought Excuse Moi! from TJ Maxx for $3.99.
But it's still not wearing well - now a corner that didn't chip off earlier is trying to lift up. I know for sure when I wash my hair tomorrow I will have massive chips, if not entire coats of polish just peel off.  Generally OPI wears pretty well on my nails, which is leading me to believe that the Orly isn't playing well with my nails themselves and/or my base coat.

Do you have issues with a particular brand wearing well on you?  Any secrets for a better lasting mani?  Also, if you happen to know when Elsbeth's Rose came out/what collection, I would love to know since I haven't been able to dig up anything on it.

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Influenster Brand Challenge Winner - Kiss Prize Pack!

**items received free as prize from Influenster/Kiss

Another Influenster post?!  Yes!  This one is actually the prize from being a Brand Challenge Winner from the Spring Fever box for my imPRESS review.  My prize actually arrived while I was out of town earlier this month and I'm working on catching up from then.

So what Kiss products did I receive for my prize?  Let's see!
 Kiss Perfect Application Premium Eyelashes in style #05
 and conveniently enough, Ever EZ Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive
Kiss Gradation Polishes in 58085
~a silver (step 1), a charcoal gray (step 2) and
a holographic multi-sized glitter in a super sheer gray base (step 3)
~the silver and charcoal gray both have some shimmer
~the bottles are kind of shaped like triangles rather than round or square; brushes are normal sized

Out of the three products I received, I'm probably most excited about the polishes.  I've seen them several times in the store and have resisted getting them.  I already have fairly decent lashes naturally (especially with a good mascara) so it will probably be a while before I try the false lashes - and the glue - out.  Oddly enough, the lashes are the exact same style that I received last time I won a Kiss prize pack from Influenster.  Maybe if the Mister and I would actually go on a date, I might get some use out of all these lashes I have in my stash now (but I'm not holding my breath on that date thing happening).

See anything you've tried?  Let me know what you think if you've used any of these products.  Also, do let me know if you'd like to see the polishes on my nails soon!

**all items received free as a prize from Influenster/Kiss
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Influenster Good Life VoxBox - What I Received and Initial Impressions!

**all items received free from Influenster for review/testing purposes

I had a new voxbox from Influenster show up in the mail recently!  It's time for the "Good Life."  All the products and brands are new-to-me so this should be fun to try out new products.
 Product card with descriptions and prices

 New-Skin Liquid Bandage 
the Vitamin Shoppe Garcinia Cambogia
~never heard of New-Skin before; I'm not sure how I'll test this for protecting cuts since I do my best to avoid getting them...maybe I'll use it for another suggestion on the box - prevent the formation of calluses since I really should start practicing with my new golf clubs (newbie here)
~I've heard of the Vitamin Shoppe (never been in it though) and I'm pretty sure I've heard of Garcinia Cambogia extract (never tried it though).  I'm always up for something that can help control appetite/promote weight management.
 ZonePerfect Greek Yogurt Bar (Greek Yogurt Raspberry) 
Nonni's THINaddictives cookies (Cranberry Almond Thins)
~I think maybe I've seen products from Zone at Walmart, but I'm not entirely positive.  I tend to not eat bar-type snacks often, but we'll see.  Maybe I'll like this one enough to change my mind
~I've never heart of Nonni's brand, but I'm always up for a good tasting, lower calorie crunchy snack
UrgentRx Fast Powders Ache & Pain Relief To-Go (single sample)
~Never really heart of Urgent Rx Fast Powders, but it seems like an interesting concept.  I could have used this earlier last week when we walked for miles in DC.  Hopefully lemon-lime will taste alright.

Have you tried any of these items?  If you have, did you like it?  Have you tried any other brand of liquid-bandage?

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.
**my opinions are my own

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rite Aid Weekly Sales & Clearance Haul!

**all items purchased by me

I figured that today would be a good day to get this up since this week (August 25-31, 2013) Rite Aid is once again running a 40% off Revlon sale.  Rite Aid also has Physicians formula on sale - buy one get one FREE eye cosmetics and concealers.  Also, CVS is running a sale of their own on Physicians Formula - spend $10 get $6 Extra Bucks back.  Of course, since it's basically time for a season change at the drugstores, Spring/Summer collections have a good chance of being on clearance now.  Last month, I noticed that one location of Rite Aid that I frequent the most was beginning to mark down limited edition collections, so of course I had to check out the newly clearanced while I was in there looking around for new releases.

So let's get started with my Revlon items from Rite Aid:
Revlon Lip Butters in 063 Wild Watermelon, 075 Lollipop and 053 Sorbet
Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder in 010 Fair
~this is the second of the powders that I've purchased~
~~for Revlon lip recommendations, I've enjoyed all the Lip Butters that I've purchased~~ 
~~the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are fairly nice as well~~
~~as for face products, I really enjoy the Revlon Nearly Naked liquid foundation and Revlon ColorStay Whipped (not the liquid)~~

As for Physicians Formula, I got these 2 the week after I got the Revlon products.  When I bought them from Rite Aid, the weekly sale was buy one get one free - might have just been on eye products.  A similar sale is on this week as well - buy one get one free on eye cosmetics and concealers (the one in the squeezie tube is pretty good).  CVS's current deal is spend $10, get $6 back (CVS also runs even better sales on Physicians Formula once in a while).
Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quad Eye Shadow in 3883 Classic Nudes
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner in Warm Nude

~~I'd also recommend the Canyon Classics shade of this quad~~
~there's apparently also a Quartz Quartet version but I haven't seen it anywhere yet 
(maybe I read that Ulta has it?)~

And regarding collections being on clearance, this is what I got (so far).  All of the following items are from the Spring 2013 Color Goes Electric collection:
 (2) of the Master Drama Eyeliners in Taupe Takeover 
~recommended by Emily of Beauty Broadcast (love her!)
 On a second trip, I got this Maybelline Vivid in 985 Infra-Red

And in another folder I just found on the computer, I found 2 more Maybelline Spring collection items I purchased on clearance...but from Walgreens back in May.  They could still be at Rite Aid...
limited edition blushes in 205 Wild Blossom and 210 Coral Burst
~if you'd like to see what I originally purchased from this collection, just click here~
~even on my super pale skin, I love the way Coral Burst looks!

There you have my Rite Aid weekly sales haul as well as everything that I picked up on clearance from the Spring 2013 Maybelline collection.  If you love knowing what brands are going to be on sale each week at CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens, be sure to check out Nouveau Cheap's blog - most weeks there is a post on all the sales.  I love both her sales posts as well as her reviews!

Are you planning on taking advantage of any of the drugstore sales this week?  It's a pretty good one at all 3!  What's your favorite Revlon and Physicians Formula products?  Let me know!!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Spotted & Hauled - Fing'rs Nail Art Supplies and a Polish

**all items purchased by me

This post is a bit late since most of the displays I've seen from Fing'rs lately are quite picked over - actually, it didn't take long for them to get pretty well cleaned out of what I considered "the good stuff" - but I figured better late than never.  I found the Fing'rs display around the middle of July - one full front side and then some hanging down a skinny side.  Unfortunately, my full display picture is not very good at all.
But I did try to get some closer-up pictures of the examples of nail art possible:

Now let's see what I ended up purchasing:
 Stripe Out Nail Art (striping tape) in 33033 and 33034
~3 rolls of striping tape each~
 Stamp It Nail Art Kit in 33064
~includes a mini polish, stamper, scraper and 2 plates~

At first I was going to pass on the polish, but then I read that it's a dupe, so naturally I snapped it up the next time I went to Walmart:
Fing'rs Heart 2 Art polish in Make Me A Birthday Flake 
(supposed to be a dupe of Cult Nails Happy Ending)
~the swatch is done on my bare nail, one coat, then blobbing some more on and pushing around for an even coverage~
~gold, pink/lavender, teal and orange flakies in all kinds of sizes and shapes in clear base~

I considered getting the box of brushes (long gone, now) but it was $6.50 for 4 mini brushes and a pair of tweezers.  I think if I really get into trying to paint designs, I'll stick to the 2 brushes I do have and all my dotting tools.  If I really want more brushes, I'll probably order them from somewhere.

Did you pick up anything from the Fing'rs Heart 2 Art display?  What would you wear Make Me A Birthday Flake over?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Stash Sharing - Zoya

**all items purchased by me

Time to get back on track for Sunday Stash Sharing!  The last 2 Sundays didn't get an installment since I was in other states each time.  I don't think I've got any upcoming traveling plans so I will hopefully stay on schedule.

On to the polish!  I decided to share my Zoya stash, since through midnight today (8/25/2013), Zoya is offering a buy one get one free deal.  I won't be partaking because of last month's many many shopping trips that I got a bit in trouble for and this month's traveling and several vet visits for Kitty, so we're trying to be more conservative in our spending for a while.  I'll include Zoya's PixieDusts in another post since I've got quite a few of those.

I've got bits and pieces of several different collections, as well as ones that I've bought individually.  As usual, I've linked to posts showing the colors on my nails, when available.

Let's get started with the Mod Mattes (2011?) collection:
 Phoebe and Mitzi
~only Mitzi is still listed on Zoya's website
~I bought these for $.99 each on clearance from my local beauty supply

I have 2 polishes from the Glamsicles (I believe 2011) collection:
South Beach Ice and Vegas Freeze
~neither are listed on Zoya's website
~I bought these for $.99 each on clearance from my local beauty supply

Next polishes are from the Holiday 2012 collection:
Aurora, Blaze and Storm

Now for the 3 that I got as a promotion in January:
Zuza, Yara and Neeka
When it came out:
  • Zuza is from the Summer 2012 Surf collection
  • Yara and Neeka are from the Fall 2011 Smoke and Mirrors collection
    • Yara from the "Smoke" half
    • Neeka from the "Mirrors" half
And the last 2 that I bought one at a time as individuals:
Indigo (awwwe, my first Zoya) and FeiFei
When it came out:
  • Indigo is from the Fall 2007 Downtown collection
  • FeiFei is from the Fall 2012 Diva collection

Do you like Zoya polishes?  Any color recommendations for me to try?  Are you planning to/did you already take advantage of the promotion?  As always, let me know if you'd like to see any of these on my nails soon!

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated