Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spotted, Hauled & Swatched - Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Polishes

**all items purchased by me

I'm back on track starting tonight (hopefully) and I'm bringing you a new edition of the Spotted, Hauled & Swatched series - this time with Sally Hansen's new Fuzzy Coat line of matte bar glitter toppers.  There's 8 total in the collection, and over the first few weeks of their introduction, I've been buying them either individually or in pairs and at some point I found coupons so for most, if not all, of the polishes I was able to save some money.  So now that I've got the whole line, it's time for their post!

As always, let's get started with a display picture (which also contains the original release of the limited edition Sugar Coats):
Fuzzy Coat in back (display says new), Sugar Coat in front (display says limited edition)

And for my haul pictures:
 Wool Lite, Wool Knot, Tight Knit and All Yarned Up
 Fuzz-Sea, Peach Fuzz, Fuzzy Fantasy and Tweedy

 Bottle Shots:

Now for the swatches!!
Wool Lite, Wool Knot, Tight Knit, All Yarned Up, Fuzz-Sea, Peach Fuzz, Fuzzy Fantasy, Tweedy
These are all done in approximately 2 coats, with some finessing 
  • All Yarned Up, Fuzz-Sea and Peach Fuzz do not contain white bar glitter; the rest do
  • All of the bar glitters are nice, short and fine
  • Wool Lite is hard to tell which ones are white versus light pink
  • They do dry with a bumpy texture, but a nice layer of top coat would probably even it out
  • Some of these may be dupes or very similar to the Nails Inc Feather polish line
I purchased most from the grocery store (it helps us earn fuel perks), but I did purchase a couple from Target.  I've also seen the display at Walgreens and a different display at Walmart as well.  The Rite Aids near where I live haven't had this up yet, and I haven't been to CVS in several weeks to see if it's there or not.  But these don't say that they are limited edition like the Sugar Coat part of the display does, so these may be eventually making their way to the wall.  As usual, their price depends on where you purchase them from - Target and Walmart will have the best price compared to the drugstores.

Did you get any of the Fuzzy Coat polishes?  Are you planning on it?  What would you layer them with?

**all items purchased by me
**my opinions are my own
**not sponsored/affiliated

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