Monday, July 1, 2013

Reminder that Google Reader is Ending after Today!!

I'm still around, promise!  I'm getting this quick post up as a reminder that if you use Google Reader, after today it will no longer be available.

If you want to switch over to Bloglovin (which is what I did) and need to import your reading list still, this is the link that I used:

It was really simple to use and it took only a couple of minutes to finish up.  If you use Chrome (possibly Firefox or Explorer) it also has you install an add-on to your toolbar that shows you how many unread blog posts you currently have.  

I'm also starting to share my posts on Google+, but I'm still trying to figure that system out.  And of course, I post links to posts, as well as other random things, on Twitter.  I'm also trying to get better/more consistent on posting on Instagram as well and those both should also appear on my Facebook page.

I spent the entire weekend trying to get back on track from being stuck at airports and on planes all day Friday - darn storm systems.  I've still got a bit more to do to get caught up and that hopefully includes another post that's more interesting.  Today's actually the first time I've touched the computer since Thursday night.  We're also in the middle of an outside project that will make summer a whole lot more fun (yay!).  Now if only the storms would move out of the area...

Hopefully I'll be back later with something a bit more fun!  But if not today, then for sure tomorrow.

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